Site Update - New Look for TRF

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Janet H

Site Team
Jun 1, 2006
United States
We are very excited to be finally updating The Royal Forums with a new look. In the next day you should begin to see changes to page layout, colors and a new logo. Once the site has been updated, our designer will continue to make a few changes and I wanted to let you know about this in advance so you wouldn't be surprised.

Forum members will have some new features available as well, including more customizable profiles and page layout options. As we move through this process we ask for your patience and hope that you will enjoy the new look; it's just in time for the season change and it seems an appropriate time for a new look. :flowers:
Once the new look is live we will be working hard to address all the little issues. Please be patient as we tune the new style to make everyone's experience here as optimal as possible.
Thanks Janet and Andy, I look forward to the changes.
This all sounds exciting, thank you for letting us know. :flowers:
I can't wait to see the new look :flowers:
I like TRF as it is, though I'm sure it will look great after the changes too! Thank you! :flowers:
Can't wait for the new look. Thanks for letting us know. :flowers:
New site is looking good, I like the way it's set out. :flowers:
The new logo and colors are beautiful!
I really really like the new look!!! Fantastic
Wow! I like the changes a lot!
Great changes, the logo looks good and the colours are fantastic.
Holy cow! I thought I was going crazy for a minute there. I was in the middle of going to one of the links and poof, the whole look just changed! I kinda like it though. Very regal looking. Colors are great. Great job everyone!!!!:flowers:
LOVE LOVE LOVE the new look!!! Thank you so much! WOW!!!

I'd like to say SPECTACULAR! There, I just did.

I'm - really amazed at how stunning this is. My hat's off to the parties who made this wonderful new everything!
only two hours since i last looked on this site, and it's changed (almost) completely!

well done; very professional look. Nice logo.
Don't look at this site for an hour and when I come back it's completely different! ;) Love the new look, very royal, no mistaking this for any-other kind of forum, good job!
Wow, I was on just yesterday and now look!!! It might take me a while to get used to it, but it does look very streamlined and promising.
I don't know. I hate change, so I was immediately put off. Then I came back and will have to try it, again.
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