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Slow and tons of database errors today!
I must say I am rather annoyed today, because TRF was down from 11 AM till now - on the day the Duchess of Cambridge visits Downton Abbey. Not good.:ermm:
EDIT- And now database errors.
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I can say that TRF was down today too. It was not the usual database error but there wasn't a connession with the site :(
I had the same problem today with TRF. Site was completely down. Apparently the server was not found. At least that's what my browser told
My browser didn't tell me anything. Just got a blank page.
I think the server probably feared for its life with the thought of DoCa visiting Downton :flowers:
It was down just before I went to bed last night but when I got up it was up so I wasn't affected by the down time at all.
I'm just glad it wasn't only me!
Generally a major server issue will impact on everyone, not just a few members. It's more of a one-out, all-out situation. Whatever was happening earlier today appears to have been resolved so normal transmission has resumed.

I know full-well how frustrating it can be when one finds oneself locked out of the site, not knowing how widespread the problem is, uttering a plaintive "is it just me?" and then being relieved to discover later on that the pain was shared as the down-time had impacted everyone trying to log in.

System time-outs, local service disruptions, line cuts, software glitches and server crashes are infrequent, but do happen every so often, so thanks for everyone's patience when one of these events does occur. :)
Was really slow- and then got a message that the server had stopped responding. Fine now.
I had the same problem. It happens from time to time sadly.
A similar reply to the one I made in March: I think the server probably fears for its life with the thought of the potential birth :flowers::ROFLMAO:
And a 3rd time for me. You know TC, you are most likely correct.
Today I seem to be unable to right-click on threads to open in new tabs. (This is not happening with any other website I visit.)
Loads of "database errors" these days.

Happens periodically.
Something about a varnish guru Meditation and then it was down for a few minutes.
Your'e welcome- love your avatar.
This time a varnish guru mediation server cache, and down from aprox. 12: 30 PM EST till now . Frustrating!:bang:
Same here roseroyal! Forgive my naievety, but what is a "guru meditation?" mmm
This time a varnish guru mediation server cache, and down from aprox. 12: 30 PM EST till now . Frustrating!:bang:

Same thing today from aprox 5: 30 PM EST .Don't know how long it was down. Obviously, works fine now.
I must say, the freezing of pages and database errors is becoming quite a regular occurrence and happens several times a day for me. I do hope it does get to the point where peoples' enjoyment of the site is affected.
And again a varnish guru mediation server cache. Only down for a minute or two this time thank goodness!
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