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Caroline, Stephanie and sweet little Louis shopping in 1993.
source: HOLA

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Great photos Townsend and Iceflower!:) ;) Louis is too cute in his stroller! Never seen that pic before!:p

Caroline and Stefano in shopping..or coming home from shopping..:p


Photographed by Armando Pietrangeli /Portorotondo (via Google images)
Princess Grace shopping with her Mom (gettyimages)

I'm glad you liked them Ianna :)

Grace shopping, what a rare pic, thanks Tosca! :)
Caroline shopping shortly after Alexandra's birth:

(source: GENTE)
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Oh, my! I'm late! (aci)

This was on 1973. Caroline came out from a jewelry after the university. Thank you, Tosca !
I love the oic of Grace and her mom shopping.
I've never seen it before.
Thanks Tosca!
I love the pix with Stefano, Ianna. Was Caro pregnant with Charlotte in this pix?
Caro shopping with Charlotte. Source: Hola
I have lots of more pix from this day but I dont know were to post them...
Hello, Towsend,
I thinh you can post the other pics here. What do you think about ?
I can do that but they have not any shopping bag in their hands!!!:( Only a Grace Kelly bag:D !! But I found another shopping pix of Char and Caro. Source: Semana (own colletion)

Grace said:
Thanks everyone for the wonderful pics!

I'm not a huge fan of Ernst, but have you noticed that often Caroline is laughing really hard when he's around? I like that as in my opinion she really deserves some happiness...


Yes, you are right. I remember reading an interview with Prince Rainier in which he talked about what a wonderful, boistrous and endearing sense of humor Ernst has, and what fun he can be to be around. I also think one reason Caroline and Ernst are good for each other, is that both of them are said to have very strong personalities. They keep each other on their toes, and seem really tuned in to each other.:)
Great photos Townsend and Iceflower!

Townsend I don't know the exact date of photo, but have found one more from same day..Looking on Caroline's jacket it could be she was pregnant with Charlotte or Pierre?:confused:


(Photo by Armando Pietrangeli/Portorotondo (via Google images)
Stephanie in shopping..:) (EastNews)

Thanks for that pic, Ianna :)
Here are two of Caroline and Ernst in 1997:


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Thanks for that rare one of Grace, Radker! :)
Here are two of Ernst shopping Christmas presents in 1997:


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Steph this time preparing something for others to shop :)
- 1986 in her office of Pool Position -

(Paris Match)
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Charlotte doing shopping with friends during their summer vacation on Corsica 2003..


I've never seen those pics before, thanks for adding them here, Ianna!
Steph and Pauline shopping in Paris 2005



I love their blue jeans ...:)
Steph shopping before fetching the kids at school .... 2002


(bunte, allover press)

...being a single mom to three kids can be exhausting sometimes;) ...

..and not to imagine being a single mom to three kids and being forced to go shopping with all of them at the same time...;)
Thanks for that sweet pic with Camille in that red jacket, Michelle!!
I agree, Camille is so adorable in that red jacket!:) Thanx for sharing Michelle!;)

Stephanie in shopping..but now with Pauline:) (great jeans she has)..Luzern/summer 2003


(Zuma press)
Charlotte looks like me in the saturday morning shop at the market :p
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