Sheikha Mozah's Fashion & Style Part 2: May 2016 -

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she looks cool they both look cool
not sure if it's dress or skirt with top but she pull it off wekk
:previous: I find the colours Mozah is wearing here rather dull and drab together; a rare miss from me today.
Wow, I didn't even know that Nepal had a female president!
i notice lately Sheikha Mozah had some lovely Abaya with colorful prints wich is great idea,she looks nice
Such a gorgeous abaya for Shekiha Mozah, the colours are lovely.
not good idea to offer condolences in colorful outfit otherwise she looks elegant indeed.
Mozah's second look is very pretty and sophisticated; though her first look is rather sombre and frumpy to me. Frumpy is not a word I normally use with "Sheikha Mozah", however here it describes her look correctly IMO.
not good idea to offer condolences in colorful outfit otherwise she looks elegant indeed.
big faux pas from the Sheikha it's lovely outfit but her coat dress from the arrival is more suitable innmy opinion for this meeting
this wonderful look for Sheikha Mozah,love her last printed Abayas
the dress underneath with belt is very nice idea
I love seeing the Sheikha's good fashion sense. She must be a great inspiration to many young women.
This last one i am not fan the abaya with th dress underneath look like home wear,not liking the pattern neither
Sheikha Mozah is simply stunning. Love both outfits at the Summit for Health. I really want to know her secret, she looks at least 20 years younger than what she is. She's got me by 14 years and I know I look older than her. So jealous.
Is it still called an abaya when it's open like this?
from i come yes but our friends in ME have another name maybe they would be more helpful here than me

she looks lovely in closing cermony
I like the Abayas that Sheikha is wearing lately the patterns are lovely.
i can't decide dor this abaya,sure i like the upper part but not the bottom
not fan of the make up however the Sheikha always looks stunning in the Abaya
O love the look the abaya above sporty wear..lovely idea
Sheikha Mozah participated in Al Adaam Flag Relay today, organized by Qatar Olympic Committee in celebration of Qatar National Day.

Beautiful attire for Her Highness!
I'm not too keen on the colour combination Mozah is wearing, but she looks great nevertheless.
I have been watching this lovely elegant lady for a few years now and she rarely gets her dressing choices wrong. I can see in her choice of western clothes she likes to go with an edgey flair to her clothes. She doesn't seem to have aged at all since turning 50.
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