Sheikha Mozah's Fashion & Style Part 1: August 2009 - May 2016

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...I never imagined that Valentino could create something that unflattering and dreadful...the colour is just too depressive...even though the design of the blouse and coat are nice,the whole combination of black-in-black is just too much darkness, it does not even look good on the model!

On a positive note:The earrings and the little decorated bag Sheikha Mozah wore with the outfit are very pretty.They save this outfit from being totally :eek:
Sheikha Mozah always adds some creative, beautiful accessoires to finish her elegant outfits :)


The second image shows Sheikha Mozah & Valentino in excellent shape again after this Queen of the Darkness-fashion disaster, they seem to have recovered very soon ;-)
Nothing to complain about this outfit, everything looked pretty!
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Gorgeous! Simply stunning as always in my opinion. She has such style and grace. Love her!
September 19, 2013 - Sheikha Mozah at an award ceremony event wearing a lovely navy dress. Dress by Valentino Couture Fall 2013.

Sheikha Mozah ** Runway
Is there any photo of her letting her hair down? Curious to see - while I like her dresses, I dislike the hairpiece she always wore.
Is there any photo of her letting her hair down? Curious to see - while I like her dresses, I dislike the hairpiece she always wore.

She wears this hairpiece/hat (or sth like that) due to religion. She must cover her hair.
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September 2013 - Sheikha Mozah wearing a fitted dress while in the States.

I think the dress idea and colours are great but I find it slightly too tight that it would be uncomfortable to walk in.

Side view ** Full view 1 ** Full view 2
Sheikha Mozah looks nice. The dress is perfectly fitted. Bright colours became her well.
She is just fab. Love her at the Bush's home!!!!!
the colors are too bright but the Comb is Fabulous and all look well fitted on Sheikha Mozah.
I don't like the colour combination at all. In the last pic, the cut looks amazing but in the second it looks like she's finding it difficult to walk.
May 29, 2014 - Sheikha Mozah in a white suit and a white turban


:whistling: sunglasses while posing for photos in a professionnal event.
The Sheikha sometimes forget that she is a royal and not a celebrity.
For sure,class can't be bought with money
Anyway,her suit looks good

Sheikh Hamad looks slimmer.Good for him
I'm not a huge fan of the suit, but Sheikha Mozah looks elegant. I also agree with soraya on the sunglasses.
Sure, elegant white suit but nothing we haven't seen before.
The pearls are magnificent. The rest is very, very awkward.
I agree Al bina. Those pearls are stunning. The rest is awkward together.
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