Sheikha Mozah's Fashion & Style Part 1: August 2009 - May 2016

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seems like glamorous dress i wishe better photo;
the dress remind me the one she wore in France few years ago.
I don't think she pull it off well too,Sheikha Moza usually looks nice on traditonal clothes but not this time.
I think it's a very "Mozah" look-she knows what she likes and she has a great sense of presence about her that's reflected in her wardrobe. She is definitely one who wears her clothes, not the other way around!;)
Warsaw 3 Oct 2012:

I never thought I could expect a funny face from Sh. Moza,but this must be it!Usually she is always looking so elegant,polished and controlled,but it is nice to see her so joyful with the kids. The dress is nice too,very good colour and pretty design:flowers:

About the dress she wore in Amsterdam,I agree with Jackswife that this is her style and that is a shape/silhouette that she is comfortable with and also looks nice with her figure.
I would have preferred a lighter top in combination with the dark skirt and darkcoat,but I am not disappointed by her appearance at all. She looks glamourous and regal,like she does most of the time,no surprises here!
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I think that's the first time I've ever seen her without her head covering.
I too was disappointed by Sheikha Mozah's ensemble. I wish she recycled one of the wonderful creations by Stephane Rolland.
I think that's the first time I've ever seen her without her head covering.
She's wearing a hair covering as usual, but since it's black like her dark hair, it seems unnoticed from far.
The look is ok for me but hate the color! What an idea to wear a total black outfit for such as a day event?!!! I wouldn't care if it was a traditional Abaya, because black it's the Abaya's color, but she's not wearring an Abaya, she used to wear more colorful dresses. I appreciate though the fact that she didn't wear tones of diamonds as she used to do.
This is one of her worst looks. So disappointing appearance from Sheikha Mozah.
Her look could have definitely been more colorful today, rather than the dark and drab outfit.
Wow, she looks amazing, regal and amazing!.......she always does!:/
Yes, she's definitely back on form with that outfit; such a sumptuous fabric.
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