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i have a question how many latifa's are there in the maktoum family...lliek maryam the first just tweeted that she has a baby sis name latifa

and this is her picture on twitter, can someone please explain this to me...
FF to my darling @LatifaAlMaktoum ♥ luv u too baby sis :* this was the tweet
there are alot of latifas in almaktoum family but they are not all daughter the family in general is quit large
and the girl Maryam 1st i refering to is her cousin (and is like a sister to her/ as far as i know they were raised together or raised close to each other)
Maryam the 1st was raised by her aunt, so her cousin Latifa is like a sister to her.
does the maktoum family have a professional photographer that takes pictures of mohammed kids?
well Ali Essa usually takes sh.Hamdan's pictures but not sure about the others
Sheikh Rashid had a lot of pictures taken by Yousif al Mulla (I believe he´s DXB Paparazzi on flickr) and all of the Al Maktoum family have a set of portraits/pictures that look professional but I don´t know if they have an official photographer like President Obama or other public figures...

I think there are 2 Latifa Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum
I read this at the site of Sheikh Majid
The girl in the picture is not Latifa Hamad Al Sharqi Wife

Maryam has 2
The first was the sister Manal was born 1987
The second is Mary and her mother is Hind Al Maktoum
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of course there are two.. this was already cleared up just look at the first page where the children are listed... there are 2 latifas and there are even rumors, but not confirmed, that there is a third one...
but who is mary? do you mean Maryam? there are two maryams too
is it really Manal? someone who knows please confirm it because there haven´t been any public pictures of her yet and that one is from graduation ceremony but i think she´s too old to just have graduated university...
I think people who ask these questions should read the old posts & stop asking that again & again!
sorry for annoying you by asking... but this is a whole new pic that i´v never seen before and that was not posted here yet so i´m not asking that for the tenth time... i´m not talking about the two pics of Maryam of course, i know who she is. it´s about the third pic because as i understood sana said that was i just wondered where that info is from... i can´t read arabic and don´t understand the site...

maybe i don´t understand what sana wants to say... for me that sounds like Maryam1 and her sister Manal with her father. or does it mean Maryam 1 the sister of Manal??
please make clear what you try to say...
some times in sits or news papers they say this event was attended by Sh.Manal and then a picture of a lady (who is usualy Hind who is a representative of Sh.Manal) but not mentioned under the picture so ppl assume it is her. but it is not there are no pictures what so ever of Sh.Manal other than the ones of her as a child.
no, the third pic was a sheikha from fujirah or something like that it says that on sheikh mohammed website
I have noticed that we don't hear from Mahra anymore. No pictures, no updates. Is she sill in Dubai? I hope she isn't getting cold treatment form the rest of the family although IMO it seems so :(
I have noticed that we don't hear from Mahra anymore. No pictures, no updates. Is she sill in Dubai? I hope she isn't getting cold treatment form the rest of the family although IMO it seems so :(
There are lot of new pics of Mahra that i will try to post later!
yes shes in dubai if you look at the al maktoum fanpage facebook you can see new pictures of here, she was in greece this summer i think
wow, thanx for this video... i think this is the first time we hear any of mo´s daughters talking.
i like her voice :) can anybody tell what she is saying?
Yes, she has a very beautiful,clear voice.I also wish I could understand what she is saying....someone of our Arabic-speaking friends here,could you try to translate some of her words?Thanks in advance:flowers:
Are there any new pics??? :) They have been very quite lately !! :0
Can someone tell me if this is Sheikha mariam shk Mohamed's daughter or is this a different daughter? News
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