Separation of Prince Nikolaos and Princess Tatiana: April 2024

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Aug 17, 2005
I just read in the greek media that Prince Nikolaos and Princess Tatiana decide to end their marriage!!! So sad!!
It has been officially announced by the GRF website. Such a gorgeous couple. They will both continue to live in Greece.
We wish to inform you of a significant and heartfelt decision made by TRH Prince Nikolaos and Princess Tatiana. After fourteen years of marriage, they have chosen to amicably dissolve their union. This decision was reached with great care and mutual respect, reflecting the depth of their appreciation for one another and the moments they have shared. Their future interactions will continue to be guided by these same principles of respect and understanding, as they transition into a relationship rooted in a strong friendship. They will continue to live and build their lives in Greece, a place they both call home. The Family will always support them.

We warmly thank you for your understanding and for respecting their privacy during this time.

Private Office of the Greek Royal Family -
Source: Greek Royal Family Official Website
Such sad news, I loved this couple!
Hopefully the statement is true and they remain good friends.
I almost fainted. Can't believe it.
Oh my God...
That’s a shame. It was nice to see them working for Greece. I suppose it will now be separate.

Will Tatiana keep the title?
This has surprised me, but I recognize that for a long time, I have followed both of them a lot in magazines, on their Instagram accounts, I saw them with very independent lives, each one with their work, their projects... They have spent a lot of time distanced. This is sad because they were a beautiful couple.
Such a pity, they seemed a beautiful couple. I definitely didn't expect it
Such a pity, they seemed a beautiful couple. I definitely didn't expect it

Tatiana has not given birth to any kids. In some circles, this is still a problem... On the other hand is Nikolaos the third child and second son... So, who knows? But kids are binding the parents somehow together...
I agree with your comment, Victor1319. I remember years ago a speech from a Foundation in Greece, Marianna Vardinoyiannis and Queen Anna Maria were present, where Prince Nikolaos spoke about how important it was to educate the children in certain values...he spoke in the first person, "we must educate our children." It was obvious that he had not given up on being a father.
This could also be a cause...
Sad news, they were such a beautiful couple. And surely the only ones in the family that seemed to care about Greece (in Nikolaos generation I mean). Hope they will still continue their good work
This news is as heartbreaking as it is shocking. They were one of my favorite Royal couples. They were classy and discreet as well as deeply bonded(I believed). They were one of the last couples I ever thought would not go the distance.

I guess it's true; everything isn't always as it seems.

ETA: I do not necessarily believe the marriage failed because it is childless. The idea that children will save a union that is fundamentally flawed or faltering is a myth that needs to go away asap.
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Rather odd comments about the lack of children. It could be as easily be a biological issue of the prince. Or alternatively a decision they both agreed with at the time. If both had a wish for offspring there would have been many options open to them to explore. And indeed as Moonmaiden says, children will seldom 'save' a bad marriage and often only amplify whatever problems are there.
Very sad mews, especially because the gorgeous beauty of the couple made dream all of us.
As fot the non having children.. we don't know if it was a decision or biological issue. They are 5 siblings with both situations (kids-no kids) (..)
Nikolaos and Tatiana never talked about their couple being (or non being) parents. So we don't know what was their real situation on this matter.
I personally believe that if they had kids they wouldn't proceed to a separation, but this doesn't mean their couple would be stronger. Just they would keep it. Nikolaos belongs to a generation and circle where people keep family only for the kids.
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With a number of sensible comments already having been made, we will from now on skip the topic of voluntary or involuntary childlessness. It's an extremely private, highly sensitive topic we should not speculate about. Further comments and posts about it will be deleted without notice!
Greek press is reporting that Tatiana has already moved to a flat in the center of Athens, Kolonaki area near the hills of Lykavittos
This is such sad news. I really liked this couple and thought they were meant to be.
Greek press is reporting that Tatiana has already moved to a flat in the center of Athens, Kolonaki area near the hills of Lykavittos
It will be interesting to see if she stays in Athens for the long term. Based on the photos and stories I’ve seen, a lot of her work appears to be in Northern Europe.

I realize that the statement the family issued notes that they would continue to live in Athens, but people’s thoughts change.
No, in Kolonaki is the office of Prince Nikolaos, and I think so it is the Breathe (or office of her). She has been photographed many times in this area, which is why the press think she has an apartment in this area, but it is the office of Prince Nikolaos.
I have read, in November, Prince Nikolaos rented an apartment near the area where they have been living, everyone thought it was for Queen Anna Maria, but now it is possible that it was for her. Queen Anna Maria continues to reside in the same place, she has not changed her residence. Now you think about it and that rented apartment is possible that it was for Tatiana
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They are a good 12 years apart in age and also he did marry relatively late, over 40
Such sad but not surprising news. Rarely were they seen together were it not for official or royal functions.
It too bad as they were such an attractive couple and very much involved in Greek life. They're more involved in Hellenic activities than Pavlos and Marie-Chantal!
Shocking and unexpected news!!
I’m not completely surprised as they are almost never seen together anymore….. But it’s very sad to see this as i really loved them as a calm and stable couple, living in Greece, working for Greece, connecting with the greek people, doing good things for Greece etc…. They have been the only ones of his siblings to actually behave as a Prince and Princess of Greece wich makes this even more sad…

I have always had a feeling that i would have loved to see them as King and Queen, had the circumstances been much different
They never had a real job in Greece , were they known in Greece and considered as Prince and Princess of ?
Greece is still a Republic.
The decided do divorce , it is their choice.
Hope they will be lucky in their new life. Having no Children , it is easier.
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