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Not current news but I found this 2003 article and wanted to keep it in Sayako's thread.

Princess Sayako privately visited the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, California (on Thanksgiving holiday) during an overnight stop while traveling back to Japan after official visits to Uruguay and Honduras in November 2003.

Japanese princess visits Asian Art Museum in S.F. / Emperor's daughter given private tour - SFGATE (includes lovely photo of Sayako in blue)

A bird scholar, the Japanese emperor's only daughter took particular interest in quail and other winged species in the historic paintings.

"She explained some of the bird exhibits to us," said Yoko Woodson, curator of Japanese art in the museum. "She really revealed that she was a scholar. She taught us a lot."

Besides the press and a lone pedestrian who was stopped on the sidewalk by security as the princess made her exit, few noticed the royal presence. In a simple blue dress, Princess Sayako, 34, seemed no different than the other few pedestrians who dotted San Francisco's empty downtown streets. Her equally demure entrance -- in a jet black Lincoln limousine led by a single San Francisco police car -- had no impact on the nonexistent holiday traffic.

But a list of rules made her status evident to the media: no audio recording, no speaking to the princess, no shouting, and, please, no photographs or videos of her imperial highness from behind.

Princess Sayako has no problem with being photographed from behind, Japanese Information Center director Akiko Sugita assured the press. It's just custom.

It was the princess's first time in San Francisco, an overnight stop in her trip from Honduras to Japan.

Her modest entourage arrived at the Asian Art Museum at 9:30 a.m. for a 45-minute tour of the museum's Japanese art collection.


"She had so much knowledge of Japanese art and culture. She seemed truly very interested," said Emily Sano, director of the Asian Art Museum, after the princess rushed off to San Francisco International Airport to catch her flight.

Princess Sayako's parents, Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko, visited the museum in 1994. A fan of baseball, the emperor concentrated on the all- American sport instead of birds. He received a baseball signed by Joe DiMaggio.

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On October 14th, Sayako Kuroda attended the Kammiso-sai ritual at Ise Jingu in Mie Prefecture.
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How she has changed physically ! Amazing, I wouldn't have recognized her !
Sayako Kuroda attended Tsukinamisai, a festival to pray for a bountiful harvest, from December 15 to 17 at Ise Jingu.



A research team, including Sayako Kuroda, confirmed goshawks and owls are breeding at the Imperial Palace and Akasaka Estate. The study was a joint effort by the National Museum of Nature and Science and Yamashina Institute of Ornithology, where Sayako is a research fellow, from May to July.

It is unusual for birds of prey to breed in central Tokyo. The team suspect a decrease in crows due to government extermination as a reason. Sayako observed goshawk nests and 4 chicks at the Imperial Palace and Akasaka Estate and 2 owls leaving a nest with chicks.

Video: NHK
Chief Priestess Sayako Kuroda, formerly Princess Nori, attended rituals at Ise Jingu in Mie Prefecture.

Kenkoku-kinen-sai on February 11.

Kinen-sai starts February 17 to 23. She doesn't have to stay for the full festival.

Facebook photos:

On February 18th, Sayako visited Emperor Naruhito at the Imperial residence for greetings regarding the conclusion of Kinen-sai.

Source: Sankei
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