Sarah, Duchess of York's Fashion and Style Part 3: October 2019 -

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Fair point. But I am sure Sarah possesses a coat that fits her!

But she may not have brought it with her! I have occasionally gone on a trip and found out that I didn’t fit into all of the outfits I brought with me. You’d think I would learn!
Sarah at an event in Miami, Florida, on February 5 - opaque tights and it would have been a perfect look for her, but it's nice nevertheless:

** Full view ** Upper part **
Look 2 is dreadful. Look I is a nice colour on her and is a better fitting than she is prone to wear.
Not surprised. Again.
Dressing too young for her age with the headpiece that doesn't match her coat. *Maybe* its black, but it appears to me a deep navy blue. A stylish hat, ala Camilla's or Anne's would look terrific.
And as usual, the outfit is just to small.
Sarah in green at the Easter Sunday church service today, March 31:

** Full view ** Upper part **
It is not unusual to accessorize green with navy blue. I don't mind the outfit, although I have never been a fan of headband-type hats. Perhaps it is a bit snug, but really, that's her choice and she looks happy.
Not a good look, but it’s usually the same issue - wearing clothesthat are too tightly fitting. Otherwise, I like the shade and style. I don’t think the headband works well for her either, but at least her shoes are appropriate to the occasion.
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Sarah attended the 2024 Global Citizen Prize and Cisco Youth Leadership Award in New York City yesterday, May 1:

** Full view **

And the Global Citizens Now Event on May 2:

** Full view **
That is the most flattering evening dress I have seen her wear for a long, long time. The colour is perfect, the material and style of the gown very attractive and the fit is perfect. Her hair is also in a style that suits her. Perhaps she’s getting advice from Beatrice ( or her son- in- law)!
Who! There’s dramatic change in style evident in these two recent appearances. Long may it continue.
I'm in complete agreement with how amazing Sarah looks in both of her appearances at Cannes. Both dresses and overall looks have a professional quality to them. I also think she might be feeling healthier now having beat both cancers. Sarah has a lot to celebrate and Cannes seems like a great place to do just that!
Sarah looks beautiful in her well fitted blue evening gown along with hair and makeup. Her trend in professional quality appearances continues.
Sarah looks beautiful in her well fitted blue evening gown along with hair and makeup. Her trend in professional quality appearances continues.
Yes its a lovely colour on the duchess and nicely styled too!
Sarah looked lovely at Royal Ascot today, June 19, reminds me a bit of the young Sarah and her 80s/early 90s looks - in a good way!

** Full view ** Upper part ** Upper part **

A classic and well coordinated outfit . I particularly like her in the longer length skirt.
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