Sarah, Duchess of York: Ferguson Family and Old Pictures Thread

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You often hear of people being bullied about having red or ginger
hair ... but could the bullying be about jealousy ?

Check out the Victorian Pre Raphaelite paintings.... so many of the
beatiful Ladies on canvas are redheads

In my experience, bullying is usually caused through jealousy as much as it does insecurity and ignorance. I've always thought red-headed people to have very attractive looks and it is amazing the different shades of reds there are, from bright orange to deep copper and a dark reddish brown. Sarah was described once as having "titian" coloured hair.

For my part, I used to have a kind of non-decript mousy brown coloured hair which started turning grey in my 20s (hence my nieces call me Uncle Badger!). But what I noticed was that when I grow my stubble longer, there are flecks of copper colour in it, which is rather nice.
Sarah's niece, Ayesha Makim (b.1986) married Sacha Specker this month in South Africa:

Peerage News
Ferguson's role in society

The photos of Sarah and her family are nice and show a lot about what a family means
From the Times of 21 August 2018: MR A F J FERGUSON AND MISS F J C HILL The engagement is announced between Andrew, son of the late Ronald Ferguson, and Lady Swinburn, and step-son of the late Sir Richard Swinburn of Dummer, Hampshire, and Florence, elder daughter of Mr and Mrs Michael Hill of Gosberton, Lincolnshire.

The prospective groom is the former Duchess of York's half-brother and uncle of the YORK princesses.!topic/peerage-news/m9RarCE48S4
This is an interesting video for me, and a walk down memory lane. Many of these pictures I don't recall having seen before:

What on earth is that on Sarah’s head?
Always thought that Beatrice was another Sarah... red hair etc and so glamorous..
Could we have a May wedding in Windsor 2020 ...? a wedding with sunny weather to rival Harry and Megans wonderful wedding in 2018 ?

It could be a wonderful event and give the nation a rest from the eternal Brexit debate ......

But no doubt the moaners will be on tv and radio moaning about the security costs ....
Eugenie's wedding was too late in the year 2018 and the weather quite bleak... May or June is the time to get spliced.....
Still as lovely as ever.... Sarah is defying time !
Royal Ascot June 2015

(Not wearing a bra !)

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Whatever floats your boat, I guess. Not something I'd do for my wedding. :D
A new Ferguson descendant!

Eliza Cobb [nee Ferguson, born 1985], wife since 2017 of Harry Timothy Cobb (b 1985), and scion of the Ferguson landed gentry family, of Dummer, gave birth to a daughter, Elba Pear Rosemary, 15 October, 2020.

Eliza is a half-sister of Sarah, Duchess of York, descended from the Dukes of Buccleuch & Queensberry etc, and is a daughter of the late Maj Ronald Ivor Ferguson [1931-2003], by his second wife the former Susan Rosemary Deptford (now Lady Swinburn, of Dummer Down, Hampshire).

Harry Cobb is descended from the Holland-Martin landed family, son of Mr Timothy B Cobb, of Bothampstead, Hampstead Norreys, Berkshire, by his wife the former Emma Rose Holland-Martin (b 5 Sep 1953).

The Duchess of York and Princess Beatrice attended the wedding of Eliza and Harry, at Dummer, Hants, in 2017.

The infant arrived om the 61st birthday of Sarah Duchess of York.
Yes, I believe that is the earliest known photo of Andrew and Sarah and I remember way back in 1986 seeing is during the coverage in the run up to the wedding.
Yes, I believe that is the earliest known photo of Andrew and Sarah and I remember way back in 1986 seeing is during the coverage in the run up to the wedding.

Isn't there a picture of Sarah as a kid, with some of the RF including Andrew?
Diana's dress was a sign of the times, I assume in Transylvania mixed up with TV's Dynasty shoulder pads X 100. And yet, the dress says it all, it drowns her in it like she was encased in a fortress of fabric.

Sara's dress was more carefree, still with the shoulder pads that represented the era well, but more movable. It could have helped too had someone used an iron on that skirt.

And since you called a competition, both loose to the most famous wedding dress of the 20th century: Princess Grace of Monaco and to this day still undefeated

The wedding dress of the American actress Grace Kelly, worn during her wedding to Prince Rainier III of Monaco on 19 April 1956, is cited as one of the most elegant and best-remembered bridal gowns of all time, and one of the most famous since the mid 20th century.
One author describes the dress as a symbol of "the marital fervor" and a major influence on women who strove to "emulate Kelly's peau de soie and lace masterpiece". It was designed by Helen Rose of MGM.
I bet if Diana had remained at the exact same weight and measurements as she was when they were first taken by the designer, the gown would have been much more successful. That type of design cried out for an early 18th century beautifully voluptuous figure like the ones in the Gainsborough paintings.

And at the time her engagement was announced, that is what Lady Diana had.

I loved Sarah's dress, it's my favorite 1980's Royal wedding gown.

But Diana's sheer youthful gorgeousness triumphed over her messy bridal dress, imo. She was radiant.
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