Sarah, Duchess of York Current Events 9: May-October 2007

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What is with the tranparent top???
hmmm......and I worry about my apperance every day before I walk out the door. Sometimes I wonder why I care so much when I look at other people!:rolleyes:
Well, I can't let it pass! I don't want to say anything overly negative, so I will merely say that I do not find this particular outfit to be flattering. There comes a point in one's life that transparent is not flattering--I believe that Sarah has arrived at that point.
It looks at a 1980's outfit...Ugh. I don't like it. I'm not an hypercritic about Sarah Ferguson, but still I don't like the way she is dressing herself these last days.

You are such a lady! :flowers: I on the other hand think she looks blooming awful, again! :ROFLMAO:
LOL, you are all too funny with your comments :lol:
There was something else interesting besides her dress ;) I found another pic from Tuesday night on which
you can see her sharing a car with a man I have not seen before. Let the speculations begin! ;);)

Sarah 26.6.2007
Pic 28.6.2007

Sarah Ferguson arriving at Elton John's White Tie & Tiara Ball held at his Berkshire home, Berkshire, England - 28.06.07 - it's not said in the caption, but I'm sure that Beatrice is sitting next to her in the car :)

Sarah and Bea 28.6.2007
What is it with Sarah and her daughters, that their party frocks have to have necklines that go down to their navels? :eek:
Whoops she did it again (or more correctly 'they')!:doh:
I love Sarah's sparkle and joy in living, but darlings, sweeties, where are Trinny and Susanah when you need them? :D
The colour and style of the dress are beautiful but couldn't the neckline be at least a little higher? :neutral:

On the other hand, I definitely like what Beatrice is wearing. The neckline could certainly be less lower but compared to Sarah's outfit, it's positively wonderful.
The colour and style of the dress are beautiful but couldn't the neckline be at least a little higher? :neutral:

On the other hand, I definitely like what Beatrice is wearing. The neckline could certainly be less lower but compared to Sarah's outfit, it's positively wonderful.
A little more dress, (a lot more in Sarahs case) and they would both look wonderful. Sarah's hair and makeup are super in the picture, I just don't think we need to see so much of her breasts. :rolleyes:
Beatrice looks very fresh, very young, and very lovely. Sarah, on the other hand, reminds me of those aging women who insist on holding onto their youth and wearing inappropriate clothing just so they can continue to get some attention. I cannot stand this look--but the hair looks nice. Also, could it be that because she is sitting down that her breasts looks like they're going to spill out? Maybe when she stands (lets hope) that they return to a more normal placement?
I think Sarah would look absolutely lovely if only she had something to hold up her boobs instead of letting them lie flat on her chest like some old flour sacks!
I mean seriously! She has been exposed to people in the fashion industry over the years. You would think she would know at least a couple of secrets about dresses like this. BREAK OUT THE TAPE SARAH!
If your gonna show what you got, at least make them look happy and pretty!!!:lol:
'White Tie and Tiara' party? What does that mean? I get the white tie part, but tiaras?? Shouldn't Sara be wearing hers? Or doesn't she have one? (a little confused)...
Debzone--thank you for the post! Loved seeing the different gowns.

OK--Sarah looks much better standing up in this gown, but the gown is a touch snug around the middle so it looks cheap (at least to me) and the necklace is just too much with the sparkle of the gown. She should've left the necklace at home-all she needed were the earrings. Also, did anyone note the caption?
"Sarah Ferguson arrives with her usual party companion daughter Beatrice"
Says it all, IMHO
The Daily Mail article also had a picture of Sarah and Beatrice standing in their dresses. Beatrice's is pretty but I don't care for Sarah's..
Fashion guru Trinny shows...what not to bare at Elton's White Tie and Tiara party | the Daily Mail
Thanks for the article, but I still think that Beatrice had no need to show so much flesh, it makes her look like someone desperate. Sarahs dress is not only too tight across her visable belly, but still shows too much of her boobs to be called elegant. They both ought to invest in either tape or multi way bra's.
Janet--I had the same thought. Sarah's dress looks too small/tight and the necklace was overkill.
Pic 25.6.2007

Thanks a lot for posting the link with the additional pic of Sarah and Beatrice, debzone! :)

I found a very nice pic of an event Sarah attended last Monday, this time she wore an outfit together with
a nice hat that looked very good :)

"SARAH Ferguson, the Duchess of York, returned to Longacre School in Shamley Green on Monday this week
to present children with music and drama certificates"
Click here for the picture..
and here for the whole article!
Pics 6.7.2007

Sarah is in Africa at the moment:

In these photos provided by the United Nations Mission in Liberia, Sarah Ferguson, Britain's Duchess of York, greets children at the Sean Devereux Community School in Perry Town, Liberia, Friday, July 6, 2007. As part of her two-day visit to explore possibilities for providing humanitarian aid to the West African country, recovering from more than a decade of civil war, the Duchess of York participated in the dedication of a school built through a U.N. initiative. (AP Photo/United Nations Mission in Liberia, Eric Kanalstein, HO)

Pic 1
Pic 2

Here's a link with an article about her trip:

Liberia: British Philanthropist to Help Children
The Inquirer (Monrovia) 5 July 2007
Pics 12.7.2007

Here are some very small ;) pics of Sarah two weeks ago:

July 12, 2007: Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, at NBC studios in New York City during an
appearance on "The Today Show" to promote National Marrow Donor Day. Credit Roger Ref: infusny-12

Sarah 1
Sarah 2
Sarah 3
Thank you iceflower. :flowers: Dare I say it, she looks presentable in these pictures, in fact nicely turned out. :flowers:
Pics 1.8.2007

You're welcome, Skydragon :flowers::flowers:

Here are some more holiday pics, some others have been posted in Bea's thread before, but I think this is a better place for the new ones:

Sarah Fergusson and her two daughters, Beatrice and Eugenie on holiday in Saint-Tropez. They spent time at the Nikki Beach. St-Tropez - 1st/08/2007

Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3
Pic 4
Thank you for posting the nice summer pics of the three ladies having fun, Iceflower!

Again it is so nice to see how great mother and daughters get along, just think of the
many problems parents and teenagers can have, but there
seem no problems at all during the last years - I hope they all have a great summer time.
they look wonderful. i love the outfits!
You're welcome :flowers:

I found a pic of Sarah, Beatrice and Eugenie taken in May at the Grand Prix in Monaco, I can't
remember having seen it here before, if so please tell me :)
It's quite small, but nevertheless interesting as to their dresses :

Sarah and the girls - 26 May 2007
The picture is new to me too, Iceflower. I wish we could see a bigger version, but thank you for that too of course :)
The dresses Beatrice and Eugenie wore do have an interesting and unusual style.
Great pictures, Iceflower!!!! Everyone looks good and very happy!
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