Sarah, Duchess of York Current Events 20: Sep 2022 -

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Wow. Is that a recent photo of Sarah on the cover of Hello?

She looks amazing.
Here is the full interview on Good Morning Britain - about her own health, the importance of getting tested, her novel, the cancer diagnosis of Charles and Catherine (she was very diplomatic about it), the rumors about the desired move from Royal Lodge to Frogmore Cottage ("I tend not to get involved in brothers' discussions" - by saying that, she confirmed that this is indeed being discussed), one of her last conversations with the late queen (who said "Sarah, just being yourself is enough and it's good enough") and the great work of the royal family:


A little correction: she did not give an interview to Spanish magazine Hola, she gave one to the British sister magazine Hello, see my post from Sunday on the previous page of this thread. Hola is simply using the same interview and photos a couple of days later as the magazines belong to the same media group :flowers:
Sarah attended the inaugural Together for Tomorrow Gala in support of the TELUS Friendly Future Foundation in Toronto, Canada:

Well German tabloids like to repeat again and again what Sarah said 30 y ago up till today and I find it very disturbing to read again that Prince Philip ruined her marriage, Andrew is without any faults and Sarah smiling miracleously when asked about a second wedding.
Since they let her out of the box again the damage is back though everybody should know not to take her serious.
She has nothing relevant to tell and repeats the old stuff and simply ignores the facts and resposibilities.
Why would the RF ask her to give interviews, no, she needs every stage and penny, because she hasn't got any life of her own.
They almost silenced Andrew but now Sarah is back-bad choice IMO. She was never gone inside the family( good for the then small kids) but why invite her back to walkabouts&evenråts thanks be God they didn't ask her to the balcony.
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