Russia: Past and Present Imperial and Princely Families

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List of Russian Princess Families
1. (surnames)
2. (links)

The Princely House of Gagarin

Tsars of Russia

Grand - Dukes of Russia;m=TT;sm=S;t=grand-duc;p=de+Russie
Grand - Duchesses of Russia

Rulers of Kiev
- Grand-Dukes;m=TT;sm=S;t=grand-duc;p=de+Kiev
- Grand-Princes;m=TT;sm=S;t=grand-prince;p=de+Kiev
- Princes;m=TT;sm=S;t=prince;p=de+Kiev
- Princesses;m=TT;sm=S;t=princess;p=de+Kiev
- Regents;m=TT;sm=S;t=regent;p=de+Kiev

Rulers of Tver
- Grand-Dukes;m=TT;sm=S;t=grand-duc;p=de+Tver
- Princes;m=TT;sm=S;t=prince;p=de+Tver

Rulers of Vladimir
- Grand-Dukes;m=TT;sm=S;t=grand-duc;p=de+Vladimir
- Grand-Princes;m=TT;sm=S;t=grand-prince;p=de+Vladimir

Grand-Dukes of Moscaw;m=TT;sm=S;t=grand-duc;p=de+Moscovie

Grand - Dukes of Novogrod;m=TT;sm=S;t=grand-duc;p=de+Novgorod

Grand - Dukes of Smolensk;m=TT;sm=S;t=grand-duc;p=de+Smolensk
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Magnik, thanks for the links here and in the other thread about Albania! There are some links I was not familiar with especially the short cuts to get to the direct family lines in Geneweb, a place that I always get lost around.
thanks! :flowers:
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Romanov Genealogy

Here's an interesting site that explains their genealogy, the Romanovs in royal houses today, and the last living descendants.

Romanov Genealogy
Very interesting
The different question is interesting as wel:who are present day descendants of Ruricovich dynasty?
Prince Nicholas Romanov b 1922 and grand duchess Maria vladimirovna b 1950 are the two living decendents I know of but I am sure there are more and some that could become heirs to the extinct throne of the house of Romanov.

4 branches of the house of Romanov now
- alexandrovichi
- vladimirovichi

They just all decend from the sons of czar Nicholas I
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