Run-up to the inquest into Diana's death

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One thing is this thing (Burrell, as I can't quite bring myself to call him a person) who is offering a dead woman's secrets.

Another is those people who're willing to pay for the dead woman's secrets. I find those just as distasteful.
Originally posted by Dennism@Jan 15th, 2004 - 8:27 pm

"An account by a witness to the Paris car crash which killed Diana,
Princess of Wales, has added weight to the theory that it was a
tragic accident.

The testimony, published for the first time, reportedly comes from
the driver of a grey Citroen BX which was in front of the Mercedes
when it crashed in the Pont D'Alma tunnel on August 31 1997.

Mohamed Medjahdi's account would be handed over by French police to
British investigators looking again at the events which led to the
deaths of the Princess, her boyfriend Dodi Fayed and driver Henri
Paul, the Daily Mail said.

The Algerian-born 29-year-old, whose girlfriend was also in the
car,told the newspaper the car had been "slewing out of control",
hurtling towards him.

He accelerated away just before there was an explosion and the
limousine crashed into a concrete pillar and the tunnel wall, he

He told the Mail: "It was a dreadful sound, like a bomb exploding,
magnified and echoing around the underpass. Even today, six years
later, I can't get the sight and sound out of my head. I can still
hear the screeching of those brakes."

He insisted there were no other vehicles or photographers in sight
when the crash happened.

He added: "I am absolutely convinced, clear and certain, that this
was a tragedy - but it was an accident."

The French inquiry concluded that Mr Paul, high on a cocktail of
drink and drugs, lost control of the Mercedes car while speeding in
the Pont D'Alma tunnel.

Inquests into the deaths of Diana and Dodi were opened and
adjourned earlier this month by royal coroner Michael Burgess. He has asked
Metropolitan Police to investigate speculation that the deaths were
not the result of a "straightforward, road traffic accident"
The Diana circle-US has evidence that this guy is lying.

Fortunately his ex-wife (they divorced three years ago) told yesterday that her former husband is lying, as she had seen a white Fiat with strange behaviour.

She was afraid to tell her story because she thought to be killed then.

It's real an assasination. I've watched a documentary fom Discovery Channel. The reporters got acces to the police files from the accident, and they had concluded many things. Eric Petel, first witness of the accident and the guy who called the ambulance and the first oen who reported the accident to the police. They ignored them completly there and even a important, well known, French official came to Petel to tell him that 'he had to forget what he saw, and that he haven't saw anything'.

And a lot of more strange things they discovered....
Paul Burrell is an absolute pig. As I have said before, accident's happen. It's sad that those who truly loved Diana have to continue being put through all this crud. I'm so happy to hear that Paul Burrells book wasn't selling all that well in many stores. Rght after the book came out Sharon Osbourne went on the air (on her US talk show) and scolded him. Saying it was absolute rubbish, and she would never ever entertain even the thought of his book and no one else should either. She's quite the supporter of the Royal family as well.
It disgusts me to think that people think that because the person passes on it gives them the right to breach a signed contract and spill their guts about those who gelt they could trust them.

IN comment to someone elses post (I don't remember who's I'm sorry), I think it's unfair for William and Harry to have to feel as though every moment of their life is one day going to be public, but you are absolutely correct. William and HArry are going to have to be extremely careful about what they say and do towards others in the upcoming years, as people are proving more and more that they can not be trusted if a large sum of money is being offered.

Greed is truly the world evil. Money is not everything. It can not buy happiness, and it will certainly never buy love and admiration. Everything Burrell is doing is for money and for celebrity. The sad thing is, he was one of the few Royal staff members the public liked for his choice to not share informatio, now he has gone and ruined that for a little money.
Didn't really know where else to post this, but....

For any of you with access, tonight on PrimeTime Live on the American news channel ABC, they are doing a story on the last night of Princess Diana's life. They had a correspondant who did some research as to the events leading up to the crash. Sounds interesting. PrimeTime is on now, 10 pm EST.
Thanks for the heads up on this, Gabriella. I'm watching it right now ...

It is a joint investigation with journalist Elizabeth Vargas and crime writer Patricia Corwall, who has been granted access to the morgue and the woman who investigated the case, including the process she went about to conclude that driver Henri Paul was drunk at the time, thereby partially causing the accident.
I thought that it was very interesting. Patricia Cornwall really seems to know her stuff. Once thing that my mind had never made the correlation between was that the name of Diana's bodyguard is Trevor Rhys-Jones. He shares the same last name as The Countess of Wessex. What a weird coincedence.
Is it such a coincidence or is it just a really common name, like "Smith" here in the US?
If it was just Jones, sure, but I thought is sure was strange considering that it is a hyphenated name. I just thought it was a wierd coincidence, not saying there is anything to it.
Rhys-Jones. Rhys is relatively popular Welsh name too. That is ironic as well.
I think his name's spelled Rees-Jones. This sort of hyphenating of last names isn't that uncommon in Wales because there are a few names that crop up over and over so it's one way of distinguishing which branch of a family is which. I think I read in his book that the family name had been Jones and the Rees- was added later. I vaguely remember reading an interview with the Countess's father where it said that her parents were originally Rhys Jones and her father added the hyphen because it looked more upper class.
Thursday, February 5th, on MSNBC here in North America, on the Deborah Norville Show, 9:00 PM EST(repeats at 2:00 AM EST), they will talk about the death of Lady Diana.

"Was Princess Diana's death a royal conspiracy? A documentary film maker says he knows what really happened, and in his first cable interview -- he's telling all."

Anyway, in a couple of days you'll be able to get the transcript at this site:

The coroner conducting the inquest into the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, is travelling to France on Thursday accompanied by senior detectives.

Michael Burgess is due to speak to the French officials who investigated the crash in which Diana died in 1997.

He will also visit the crash scene at the Pont d'Alma tunnel in Paris.

Mr Burgess has asked Scotland Yard to establish whether there is any truth in the rumours the princess died as a result of foul play.

Charles interview

The inquiry is being overseen by the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Sir John Stevens.

He has said they will look at every single part of the allegations and, if necessary, they will interview Prince Charles about the death of his former wife.

Last month, ex-police chief John Stalker said Prince Charles should be quizzed over a letter in which Diana reportedly said he was plotting to kill her.

The ex-deputy chief constable of Greater Manchester Police said the prince ought to be given the chance to deny the claim, apparently made in a letter Diana wrote about 10 months before she died.

Conspiracy theories surrounding the deaths include royal fears that Diana was to marry Muslim Dodi Fayed, who also died, and that an alleged pregnancy was a motive behind "plots" to kill her.

Former royal coroner Dr John Burton, who was present at the princess's post-mortem, has dismissed the pregnancy claims.
The death

i just read that apparently his chaufeur was paid 100000 pounds a week before the accident. what are your opinions about this? was diana killed?
Diana's chauffeur received almost $180,000 before fatal crash Monday, 13 June 2005 THE chauffeur who crashed the car in which Princess Diana died received almost $180,000 in the weeks leading up to the accident.

The mystery payments to Henri Paul, who also died in the 1997 Paris tunnel car crash, dwarfed his annual $47,000 salary as a driver.

The payments -- mostly from British banks -- were discovered by auditors assisting the UK investigation into Diana's death.

The revelations will fuel conspiracy theories that Mr Paul was being paid by British spymasters -- an allegation first raised by an ex-MI6 agent shortly after the crash.

Mr Paul was already known to have built up a small fortune in a global network of 13 separate bank accounts.

This was despite his modest salary as a driver at the Ritz, owned by Mohamed Al Fayed, retail tycoon and father of Diana's boyfriend, Dodi, who died with her.

The new findings are the first evidence Mr Paul received payments directly from Britain.

"The money arrived via a banker's draft and was converted into French francs from sterling," a source "close to the investigation" told Britain's Daily Express.

The British link was discovered only with new financial search powers granted in the wake of the September 11, 2001 terror attacks on the US.

The new laws allow finance police to probe almost any account in the world -- impossible during the initial crash investigations.

Claims that Mr Paul was in the pay of British spymasters were first raised by renegade former MI6 spy Richard Tomlinson, who said the French driver was paid for supplying Britain's intelligence service with gossip about Ritz guests.

Mr Al Fayed has led conspiracy theories suggesting MI6, working for the royals, arranged for Diana's murder by presenting the Paris crash as an accident.

The Daily Express has largely acted as a conduit for the theories of Mr Al Fayed, who owns London's Harrods.

It is also understood French police have reopened investigations into Mr Paul's blood sample amid continuing allegations that it was swapped.

The sample provided to police indicated Mr Paul was high on a cocktail of drink and drugs at the time of the crash.

The complexity of the money trail has delayed the investigation's scheduled conclusion from December last year to next January.

The Scotland Yard investigation, led by former British police chief Sir John Stevens, will precede the official British inquest on Diana.

Ben English, London
14jun05 Herald-Sun AU
I wonder why people are so quick to assume that payments from a British bank imply that the payment is from the British government. Chances are that if the British government was paying this guy vast sums of money for some nefarious purpose or other, the payments would be pretty well disguised.
IF it were a "murder" it seems like a pretty difficult way to assure that the person would die.
And, just tossing this out - not a conspiracy nut just a thought, if it were a "murder for hire" why is Diana assumed the target? Dodi's mother's family was in the arms trade. Dodi and his father weren't "squeaky clean". Maybe one of them ticked off the wrong person. And the other people in the car were just "collateral damage". Just a thought.
I also wonder how many people watched 'Disclosure' in the Fall of 2004, a production of the Canadian Broadcasting stated that yes, the white Fiat had been located and it was found out that its owner had been on the same yacht, same time, as Dodi and Diana shortly before the tunnel accident. It was also reported the white Fiat owner was well known to various countries' secret service agencies and had been involved/implicated in a number of murders. I do trust the CBC.....but knowing what I'd always been told by my aristocratic-descendant grandparent.....Russia would always know the truth. So, I invite anyone from Russia's secret service to reply in kind. Regards, Kitty Kat

PS: my 9th GreatUncle was married to Diana's 9th GreatAunt
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I think it was an accident. If Diane had her seat belt on she probably would have lived. I mean the body guard lived and he was in the FRONT seat!
I think she would have lived also. But why didn't she have her seat belt on? If you look at photos of her in cars, she always has one on. Reportedly she was nervous and upset by the "antics" of the paparazzi following them, why not have the seat belt on?
I've heard this too that Charles ordered Diana's murder so that in future his sons wouldnt be ashamed of having muslim brothers or sisters,but I think this is a violent story,no driver risks his life in an accident to kill the other person.
Feberin said:
I think it was an accident. If Diane had her seat belt on she probably would have lived. I mean the body guard lived and he was in the FRONT seat!
Accident or not, even with a seatbelt Diana may have been I've mentioned somewhere else, I was in a very minor bumper to bumper accident exactly three years before. I was in the back seat with a seat/shoulder restraint and received a horrendous spinal injury and could barely walk for more than a year....and when the car came to a rest, my body was aiming towards the dash board through the two front seats....the physiotherapist mentioned that sometimes the seatbelts do break....If I remember correctly, besides other injuries she received that I prefer not to think about, Diana had a huge gash on her forehead, a large laceration to a thigh, one of her earrings was lodged in the dashboard. I wonder if anyone else has thought that perhaps she bled to death? From my nursing experience, a cut blood vessel in the thigh can cause death in minutes. Was there not an unbelievable length of time before her body was brought to the hospital?...Dodi was slumped over in the backseat...I'm better at chemistry and biology, but I think that taking physics into consideration, passengers in the back seat of a car go through more g-force than those in the front seats. It is a mere miracle that the bodyguard survived....also, according to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, some of the computerized instrumentation in the car had been either removed or fiddled with before the accident...Murder or not, she's dead....or would you rather see her as a vegetable or a quadraplegic in a puff wheelchair...let's try to get on with life. The wings that hung on the hospital rack have now been placed upon her back...these wings will fly her up above as a blessing on those who gave their love....K.R.Mayer (of the Sotheron-Savile families of Yorkshire)
I've heard this too that Charles ordered Diana's murder so that in future his sons wouldnt be ashamed of having muslim brothers or sisters,but I think this is a violent story,no driver risks his life in an accident to kill the other person.

Considering that Diana had been in a serious relationship with a Muslim for some time before meeting Dodi, and there were no attempts on her life or that of Dr Khan, this notion seems to be exceedingly unlikely. Makes a nice sensationalist story, but it's a great deal more likely that the crash was caused by an inebriated and inexperienced driver trying to outrun paparazzi photographers late at night.
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I continue that the paparazzi her has to death ingejaagd pursuing the car in the tunnel, help directly inplaats of its after the accident found them it more important firstly take photograph instead of helping her firstly with medical care! I do not understand that they are not punished there for for this reason I think that there more sits behind! That thinks I of it! We never truth facts will know, I have read that they did not carry always a seat belt also already zat them vanachter and now had them that not for, here is correct something, them looked at reverse also both seeing if she does not pursue became and to see reverse no gordel can you do good to or nevertheless not! But we will know never what there really happens is, it is very terrible that princess Diana is dead and I do not miss its still each day also already knew I her personal! I can do nothing but I must know nothing more of prince Charles! I am thus in heart and kidneys Dianafan!sorry for my English but I have never learned in school for this reason the found oneself orthography it!
I thought the photographers were arrested and taken to court for not giving assistance at the scene of the accident. However, since a doctor showed up fairly shortly after the crash and was able to help the victims, the photographers wouldn't have needed to be there to help after that. I think at least one of them used a cellphone to call an ambulance.
The paparazzi princess has killed Diana by pursuing its and I remains thereby! I doubt also if prince Charles has ever loved Diana princess! them had only serve for a throne continuator and he has those now!
Diana's death

I travel in law enforcement circle at various times and, while working on the inside of a police department had occasion to call Scotland Yard, so while the photographers were sitting in jail I telephoned Scotland Yard and was asked to call Paris Police. I did speak with a female traffic police officer and mentioned to her that they really should look closer at finding the white car that was reported to have hit the vehicle Diana was travelling in. I suggested they spread their search out further than the limits they had already checked. I'm also thinking that because the photographers were eventually released, they probably clued the Paris police about the fact that the driver of the white car was also a photographer who now supposedly has committed suicide. I wonder if it was really suicide or just made to look like it. As I mentioned before, the photographer who hit Dodi and Diana's vehicle in the tunnel in Paris had also been on the yacht in the Mediterranean at the same time as Dodi and Diana and was already known to several secret police agencies and had been implicated in other deaths that have been considered murders. Perhaps the " James Bond " who lost his job because of the tunnel accident sought justice of his own making.....that's something we may never know. Also, I believe that the speedometer in the car the two were riding in was tampered with before the accident.
Speed kills

Kathryn Mayer said:
I believe that the speedometer in the car the two were riding in was tampered with before the accident.
It doesn't matter what the speedometer was showing, they were obviously going VERY fast. Just look at the mangled wreckage, particularly the front of the Mercedes (or what's left of it).
dianafan said:
The paparazzi princess has killed Diana by pursuing its and I remains thereby!

There's no conspiracy here just basic road safety, there were 4 people in the car that crashed. One wore a seat belt, he survived, 3 did not have seat belts on and they died.
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