Royals On Their Mobile Phones

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Jul 5, 2006
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let's post photos of royals when they are talking on the phone.

princess haya and crown prince of dubai sheikh rashed

from getty
Not talking but with the mobile phones. I remember that on Prince Christian's christening there was a photo of Princesses Alexnadra with MarieChantal I think, with their mobile phones.

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what about British Royals? like Prince William and Prince Harry, and also late Princess Diana, member of Royals Families

queen elizabeth and prince charles

from getty
Queen Rania:

Princess Diana:

from corbis

sheikh hamdan:

from gulf-roses

princess madeline

from allover press
Really.. ? It takes me to a photo of Prince Felipe talking on the phone..
For me there's prince Felipe too :rolleyes:
or imageshack has again problems :lol:
Letizia is probably asking him to bring home six eggs and a litre of milk.:)
The link is crazy then :lol: because I see prince Felipe, mims111 too.. but Little star sees a photo of Nicky Hilton and avrilo sees a girl and bananas?? :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:
i think it works now coz i saw banana girl too but now its prince felipe
Belgium's Queen Paola and King Albert II

from gettyimages
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