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I would say the British Royal family. They seem to celebrate everything on such a grand scale. Its the only european monarch (that I know of) that still has a coronation. Also, as far as status I would add that they have titles for everything (and I know the BRF is cutting back on titles) but compared to the Norwegian Royal Family they still have a lot!
Yeah, I would tend to agree with you too. But I wanted to put the question out there to avoid my somewhat Anglo-centric understanding of the grandeur of the BRF, considering the fact that I'm a Canadian. :lol:

I guess a different question is about which RFs are viewed as "less" grand. Of course this is subjective, but not too many people disagree that the Norwegian RF, being technically relatively new, may have less "grandeur" as the British RF, for example.
I would say it would still be the British Royal Family.But they are now far simpler than the state they were in back in the 1980's.They've given up(maybe forever)the gigantic Royal yachts and the longer private Royal Train.But they are still very grand indeed.
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why Sweden has less then Norway


This is my first post here. I´m Swedish, the king has a good relationship with the goverment. In a Swedish paper not long time ago :)it´s said that the king has asked for more money because the king needs it for the cp he pays her for her official things she is doing and he also pays the rest of his kids with his money.

The reason Sweden has less money then the norwiegen is a few things. 1st the Swedish royalfamily did loose a lot on the market:ermm:. 2nd Norway has Oil and we don´t

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What I don't get are the differences between these 3:
How can Harald have so much and the other 2 so less. I mean, a century ago Norway and Sweden were one. And when they split the norwegians wanted a danish prince. Even if you assume a rather big dowry for Maud, the difference is a bit too much, isn't it? How big could the dowry have been anyway back in the day, around 1900? Then you have Märtha who was swedish. If we go by Carl Gustav's alleged fortune, Märtha's dowry couldn't have been much. And after her we have Sonja, who probably didn't bring in millions. Are we to assume that the norwegian consultants are so much better than the swedish and danish ones? :rolleyes: That doesn't add up, IMO.

If he or the family breeds ponies, too, those aren't that many. There are lots of non- billionaire breeders with more ponies/ horses. ;)
Forbes has released their list of the world's richest royals:
The World’s Richest Royals

The Sultan of Brunei is tops. Queen Elizabeth and Queen Beatrix are both on it. I was surprised though, QEII is at No. 11. I thought she would be higher up on the list.
Interesting! I did expect Queen Beatrix to be in the list.
Forbes aren't renowned for their accurate wealth lists. I would take this list with a pinch of salt ... over the years British Publications such as The Times, F.T etc.. have said it's impossible to but a figure on Queen Elizabeths own personal fortune.
Many emirs/sheiks/sultans were on the list. Was this because many of their countries (Saudi Arabi, UAE) are oil-rich?
I would guess so, acdc1
Not a surprising list really. Although I'm not sure the Sultan of Brunei would still be topping the list, didn't he make some bad investments several years ago? Moreover I would have though Sheikh Mohammed would be higher up on the list.
I just love the discussion of Royal and Imperial Wealth.Especially when Royalty spends it on gorgeous things like fabulous cars,estates,jewelry,sports,music and clothes.I read that the Thai Royal Family is considerably wealthy.But I am not sure.
I read that the Thai Royal Family is considerably wealthy.
Correct, but the details are rarely discussed and little information is available. What is known is that the Thai Royal Family is funded from the Crown Property Bureau, created in the 1930s, which in 2003 had an estimated value of US$45 billion. Its finances are known to only a handful: the King and a board comprising aristocrats, financiers and former policiticans. A CPB adviser was quoted as saying "We are transparent in our own way, to survive the judgement of the big boss, the King."
are all of you asking about the richest royal family in europe or the richest family in europe ?
The 2008 Sunday Times Rich List places the Queen as the 264th richest person in the UK with a fortune of £320million.
According to the article the Queen owns £100million in investments and shares;has property holdings of £120million, and an art collection of £2million. The royal stamp collection,her horses, her inheritance from the Queen Mother and her jewellery collection bring the total to £320million.
THe Royal Collection is not included as the Queen holds it in trust for the nation.
I'd put the royal families of Europe in the following order of wealth (richest first). THis is going on articles i've read etc but i've not inlcuded figures for all as they change so much, but i think the order probabley stays about the same:

Liectenstien Royal Family
Grand Ducal Family of Luxembourg
Monaco Royal Family
Queen Elizabeth II of the UK (£320million - SundayTimes Rich List 08)
Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands ($300million - Forbes Richest Royals 07)
Royal family of Norway
Royal Family of Sweden
Royal Family of Belgium
Royal Family of Denmark
Royal Family of Spain
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Does anyone know about the wealth of Jordanian royal family?
Elizabeth II is worth about $250 million in investments, and another $300 million in real property, art and jewels that belong to the Sovereign, rather than the Crown. The Grimaldis are far wealthier than she is ($1.5 billion).
Well all their wealth is immaterial considering how politically insignificant that micro-state is. Do you think all this wealth would matter of war were to start in Europe?
I am surprised that the Luxemburg and Monacan royals are that wealthy? I don't know why I'm surprised, but I am. And why are the Spanish royals poor?
The Grimaldis "own" their country; the wealth of the Luxembourgers has never been explained apart from "land"; the Spanish RF lost most of their assets when they went into exile.
It is very hard to get an accurate estimate of how much each of the soverigns are worth.

Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Makhtoum of Dubai's wealth is impressive considering that it is made of business interests that he personally cultivated and still runs. On the other hand, Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan's wealth is based on Abu Dhabi's Oil resources and thus inherited. Same goes for Saudia Arabia.

Queen Beatrix's wealth is grossly underestimated because how the family has managed to hide their investments over the years. She is a billionaress a few times over, easy.

Queen Elizabeth II's private wealth is pretty insignificant, esp, given the fact that she sits on 16 thrones.

It is interesting that there is no greater royal title than 'Emperor' yet Akihito of Japan without his goverment salary and perks qualifies for the poor house! :eek:
Wow, for some of the countries, I think the monarchy should support itself, especially when they aren't as useful. For example; Monaco.
Wow, for some of the countries, I think the monarchy should support itself, especially when they aren't as useful. For example; Monaco.

Umm.. not to be rude, but do you know anything about how the government of Monaco functions? The monarchy there is extremely active, useful, and necessary to the way the government operates.
Wow, for some of the countries, I think the monarchy should support itself, especially when they aren't as useful. For example; Monaco.

Hm i know what you mean, it doesn't seem as if Princess Caroline and Princess Stephanie do exsessive amounts of work for the state, I understand that Prince Albert is invovled with the government so i can understand why he would be funded by the state but i wonder if Caroline and Stephanie are?
The British Royal Family cost £40million in 2007/08, but i was wondering if anyone could say how much other royal families cost to run? The Danish, Dutch, Spanish etc? I heard somewhere that the Liechtenstien royals pay for themselves, is that true?

BBC NEWS | UK | Royals 'cost the taxpayer £40m'

Media Centre > Press releases > Royal Public Finances annual report, 27 June 2008

This thread is relevant with regards to the Danish RF: Costs, Income, Fortune and Expenditures of the Danish RF
Spanish RF: Wealth of the Spanish Royals
Belgian RF: Belgian Monarchy Costs 28 Million Euros
So the British Royal Family costs the most in Europe? It seems that way from the links provided. So i guess it begs the question why does one royal family cost so much more than another?

The British royal family costs £40million, yet the Danish royal family costs about £9,111,343 using and converting the figures in their annual report.

The Belgian royal family costs £22million if it does cost 28million euros.

Does any one know how much the Dutch royal family cost? I read somewhere that they cost a similar amount to the Britsh royal family.
Umm.. not to be rude, but do you know anything about how the government of Monaco functions? The monarchy there is extremely active, useful, and necessary to the way the government operates.

I love when people say "not to be rude" because it usually means they are trying to be rude lol. :whistling:
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