Royals' hair dyeing and wigs

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Oct 3, 2004

Did you see that most or the majority of the royals paint their hair!!!
you mean dye their hair?
I remember that the queen of england and of denmark don't dye their hairs. But most of them do: Letizia, Cristina, Elena, Queen Sofia, Anne, etc
Also Maxima and Mette-Marit aren´t that blond in reality.

Also Mary I think dyed(?) her hair darker.
just becouse the roots are dark does not mean one is not a natural blonde

i can only refer to my self i am real scandinavia blond in the summer more but there are still some dark hair in the hair.

can someone post a photo of a real blonde
i just want to see how you see a natural blond
I don't think the Duke of Edinburgh or Prince Albert of Monaco do; but if they did, it wouldn't cost them much, would it? :D
I agree with Josephine that just because someone has roots doesn't mean that they aren't a true blonde. I have blonde hair, and it tends to get darker in the wintertime because I'm not outside as much. I'm also a swimmer, and my hair turns bleach blonde in the summertime from all of the clorine.

But, I do think that Mette-Marit and Maxima and probably a few others touch up their roots.

I would also say that I have a suspicion that Mary sometimes dyes her hair because in some photos, her hair is considerably darker.
Princess Diana never been dyed her hair because her hair more famous!

Sara Boyce
Princess Caroline and Charlotte Casiraghi both dye their hair.

And I'm pretty sure Diana did dye her hair, she had highlights I know.
Madeleine dyes her hair. She was born a blonde but when she got older her hair got darker.
Over time, some people's hair naturally gets darker. My father's hair was red, and now it is dark brown and he doesn't dye it! ;)
Yeah, when my mom was little her hair was red or red/brown but now it's black as night. My brother was born with blonde hair and now his hair is dark brown.

Charlotte Casiraghi's hair was light brown when she was little but it slowly got darker.
Is it true that girls with blonde hair keeps their hair colour longer than boys? I know a lot of women which has fair blonde hair but not alot of men.

I am male and I was fair blonde as I was a child, but now at the age of 20 my hair is dark blonde. And my father was fair blonde as a boy too and his hair is now brown!
Intresting topic.I have posted some pictures of CP Maxima with different hair colors and some with high lights.Hope you like them.
The last pic, her expression was abit weird anyways look at the hair.


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Letizia.I like her hair color.Always within the gold/brown range.He highlights look so natural.
Some photos taken from letizia hair section.


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Queen Rania through the years.
I liked the 7th picture, made her look so young.


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princess Mette-Marit has always stayed in the range of blonde.


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Guess Who said:
Letizia.I like her hair color.Always within the gold/brown range.He highlights look so natural.
Some photos taken from letizia hair section.
There are more when she had a darker colour (real colour) in two different pics. There are some of infanta cristina and queen sofia.
in connection with "dye jobs", perhaps its better to establish
1. who hasn't "maintained" their hair colour of earlier years?
2. which men do as well ?
3. who goes to the effort of changing their basic hair colour?

Like, with #3., I am inclined to believe that Maxima is naturally a dark haired person, but prefers the "blonde" look.
I wonder if Queen Elizabeth II used to dye her hair when she was in her '50s. What do you think?
Now this might actually shock you, but Queen Elizabeth II did actually die her hair in the 1960's when she started going prematurely grey - now she is proud of it. So did Princess Margaret.
Diana dyed her hair often. In the 1980's she used to see her hairstylist every second day, later one was employed for her personal use. (When I read this a thought it was very vain, but then read further to get told that Hillary Clinton, and a whole hosts of Hollywood stars also have stylists on their books)
Sophie dyes her hair - she is actually a brunette.
Sarah dyes her hair - She didn't like the shade of red, so she changed it.
I'd say that almost all celebrities regularly dye/highlight their hair. I think that royals, who are also constantly photographed and in the public eye are no exception. Also there are a lot of women who go grey really early (mid-thirties), so there may be royals who dye their back to their natural colour. It is definitly hard to tell which royals dye their hair, since they all have hair stylists and colourists at their disponisible and can have their hair redyed before their roots grow in.
the only bad thing about dying you hair is you have the stress of living your life around that next hair dying.... and its not as nice in the beach
can someone help me and post a photo of a natural blonde
who has done nothing to the hair it does noot need to be a royal
Josefine said:
can someone help me and post a photo of a natural blonde
who has done nothing to the hair it does noot need to be a royal
Dear Josefine, since I also find color blindness which quite a few people in my general environment express when it comes to shades of blond hair (especially natural, not bleach abused ones) very frustrating :p , I have placed few photos of a possible type of natural blond below. Somehow I detect very little understanding towards the fact that natural hair varies in shades (unlike dyed one) - depending on light, time of day, season, even the hormonal balance...Also, being blond doesn't necessarily mean that you must have extremely light shade of the particular color - there are medium and dark blond shades as well, as well as quite a few others in between...:)

Keep your chin up ;) ,

Regards, B.


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