Royals Growing Old Gracefully

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Oct 19, 2008
I used to have a huge crush on Prince William but lately, as he got older, it seems that he lost his charm (probably to too much partying!). So, I wonder whom you think will grow old or got old gracefully, male or female. As for me, I like CP Frederick of Denmark..even with his pictures with white hair, he looks more handsome and attractive than before. What do you all think?
CP Mary, Mette-Marit, Maxima, Mathilde, queen Rania and princess Haya.

I can't take the British royals seriously. If their faces don't get splashed in the papers while being drunk or showing their panties they are on holidays. Whom I think of the British royals who will grow old gracefully will be Zara Philips and Autumn Kelly.
Lalla Meryem of Morocco
Queen Sofia et King juan Carlos of Spain
Queen Elizabeth
(using "aging gracefully" i won't include anyone with plastic work)

Queen Elizabeth
Queen Margrethe
Queen Beatrix
Queen Sofia
Princess Caroline
Princess Mette Marit
Princess Mary
Princess Mathilde

Frederik, Haakon and Felipe just get better and better!
Queen Elizabeth II epitomises the "gorwing old gracefully" philosophy imo.
- Queen Fabiola and Empress Michiko
- Queen Elizabeth II
- Queen Margrethe
- Queen Beatrix
- Queen Paola

As for the other I'm not sure...
I think tha maybe Claire and some Netherlands princesses like Laurentien or Marilene would grow old gracefully.
I'm sure about Mathilde and maybe Sophie and probably Maxima.

I think that our present young males would grow old gracefully... if they wouldn't have too big andropause syndrome ;)

From older generation prince Philip, kings Juan Carlos and Carl Gustav.
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I think Charles has grown old gracefully, as well as his parents. Prince Phillip continues to be a very handsome man.
I do think that Mathilde will grow old very gracefully--she is a natural beauty.
I would have liked to have seen Silvia grow old gracefully--she is a gorgeous woman, but a little "shiny" these days.
Queen Elisabeth is aging gracefully. :)
my list :
Queen Margrethe
Queen Beatrix
Queen Noor
Princess Mary
Princess Mette Marit
Princess Marie Chantal
i think the first one is Queen Elizabeth II.
i think princess Maxima too .
Queen Elizabeth, Queen Anne Marie,Queen Paola,Queen Sofia are ladies who are aging and are still beautiful.
I cannot forsee who among the latest additions will manage to grow older and accept the wrinkles and whatever else comes with age. We'll see.
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Queen Sonja, she is still very pretty.
Princess Grace is my idea of growing older gracefully. And Princess Caroline.
I think there are lots of them. I definitely agree about Frederick though.

And I think Princess Anne has potential if she did something with her hair....
Queen Paola looked like a movie star or centerfold in her younger days, but she's stayed true to her face. You can tell that she hasn't done any work to her face but she doesn't really seem to care.
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Here is my list:

CP Mathilde-she is just naturally beautiful, and seems to look more beautiful as the years pass
Queen Elizabeth-she looks beautiful and healthy
Prince Harry-he has bypassed William in the looks department (IMO)
CP Haakon of Norway
Princess Martha-Louise of Norway
Queen Margarethe
Queen Elizabeth without doubt has the most beautiful skin. She needs reverse lipliner though so her lipstick stops running but she is my favourite withiot doubt .... in this department I mean.
cp mathilde

i do agree that cp mathilde will still be beautiful when she gets older...
Yes, if you want to know how some waman would look on her mother as someone said.
For me Queen Beatrix(has many wrinkles but it gives her so much character) queen Elizabeth, she is unbelievable, what a strong lady.
queen Sonja is nice as well. I like queen Margrethe, she is very special, but her theeth are awful.
As for the younger princesses well we don't know yet. Probably Mathilde.
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Princess Lilian of Sweden always looks wonderful and she is over 90 years old.
previously only had a list of the royal ladies. My list for the Royal gentlemen:

Prince Frederik
Prince Harry
Prince Hakoon

Poor Prince Harry, growing old? He still has a long way ahead of him as do so many people on this list. I thought it was a question about older people looking good.
She's not old, but I prefer Queen Noor in her 50s then when she was younger...
Anna Maria,Q.Noor and Caroline of Monaco age really gracefully :flowers:
I select these 3 ladies,because they are over 50.I believe we shouldn't talk about Mary,Rania,Letizia or Harry yet.They are still "babies" :p :wave:
Someone I forgot to mention who really seems to have become better and better with the years is Princess Muna of Jordan.
QE2 clearly leads the list. IMO Prince Charles has aged very gracefully. Harry looks a lot better now than when he was 18-20, although Wills is not looking as good as he did 3-4 years ago.
And also Princess Anni Frid Reuss von Plauen...
The Former Empress of Iran, Farah Pahlavi, still looks young and beautiful even now. As well as Queen Elizabeth II.

King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden has aged very well, he still looks handsome! In fact, Prince Carl Philip inherited his good looks from his father! :lol:
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