Royals Among The People And With Children

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Yes, love this picture- made me cry! Love the smile on William's face- bet they had a nice chat too!
Frederik and Mary taking them admirable long time to greet the little flower girl.
I wish I could find the video - they spend several minutes talking to her and take the time to pose for a picture with the little proud girl.

Besides the fact that I love these pictures and was hoping they would end up here- they are too fabulous for words- the body language of Crown Princess Mary reminds me so much of Robert Hardy- on the 5th year ago I met him- the lighting up like a Christmas tree- arms open - don't know how Osipi called that one- each not getting a hug fast enough despite running as fast as our wheels and 90 year old legs could take us.Don't know whether to smile or cry- I miss him so. I'm going with smile. Osipi- remember when you told me I was on a cloud after meeting RH? It's OK that I haven't gotten off that cloud right? I'll email you and Daria everything later.
Back to Fred and Mary- I also love the other picture- sharing secrets us mere mortals aren't supposed to know...
Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal
The Duke of Cambridge with 90-year-old Doreen Patterson, following his visit to @HHFTnhs today #StepintoHealth

Big crowds out to see William and Catherine. Two young fellas say they're never washing their hands again after meeting the royal couple. :D

Rebecca English @RE_DailyMail
Video: William and Kate examine masks... of their own faces. #royalvisitmanchester
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