Royals Among The People And With Children

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I've never seen any photos of Iranian women in colorful national dress. Apart from the Shah's coronation photos, it seems that every photo is either a black chador or pre-revolution era 1970's fashion. Thank you for sharing this photo as I've learned something new about Persian culture.
Huge crowds greeted Felipe and Letizia I believe, with packed buses coming in from nearby villages.
Huge crowds greeted Felipe and Letizia I believe, with packed buses coming in from nearby villages.
Indeed! There was a huge turnout!
Spanish Royals visit Castilla-La Mancha | jose gegundez | photographer

I came across that picture of Felipe being hugged and thought it was too sweet to not share on this thread, but there were many other as well :)
Pictures from Crown Princess Mary's two last events... she is wonderful with children :wub:

Today, Mary opened the Congress EMS2016 which aims to improve care for acute patients.

Nice chemistry between Mary and flower girl, eh? What empathy and heart warmth CP Mary radiates at all her events. I have not seen anyone who squatting so natural to be in the children's level.

The 4-year old flower girl survived a sudden cardiac arrest back in 2012.


And here adorable pictures of Mary playing, singing and dancing with babies and children when she launched her Free For Bullying to nuseries and daycare :)
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I love how the swedish royals have not fear of being touched by the people. They even let children touch their own children. (In this case, Oscar).
Without getting too personal- and disrespectful of the privacy of others- I know of a little one who would be in heaven if CPM showed up with Legos. Reminds me so much of that. If I didn't know better, I'd say Mary was a SPED teacher. If she and a few others showed up with LEGOS- this child would be in heaven.

Totally different point, but CPM body language with those kids totally reminds me of Robert Hardy's body language with kids. The 2 should do an engagement together. Wonder if he likes Legos. But then for a kid, he will do anything.
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Brilliant photo!

Arthur Edwards @ArthurJEdwards
Jaydon Mitchell Tomlinson,5 , waited three hours to see William and Kate - he and Wills chatted about Star Wars!

Well worth the wait I'd say! ::D :wub:
Using this for my avatar. Rare that this happens, but from the moment I saw this till now, I'm sitting here with tears streaming down my face. Don't know why. I have my guess but I can't say it. Love it. Love the facial expressions. I'd LOVE to see this kid with Robert Hardy- both would be in heaven. As it is I think Jaydon is in the William Fan for Life club and William is in the Jadon Fan for Life Club.

Catherine today meeting a little girl with CP- :wub:
Kate Middleton and Prince William visit the Eden Project | Daily Mail Online
Prince William with children never disappoints

Good Lord isn't that the truth? In tears once again. How can you not?You know what I love - the way William is giving Jadon his 100% attention- an airplane could land and they both wouldn't notice. And the fact that William took his time with Jadon- no rushing whatsoever.
Seems like there was something else I wanted to say but I can't think of it, so I'm stopping myself there before I say something I'm not supposed to... When does the tour to Canada start?
And all that comes to mind when looking at the latest pictures of William and Catherine is :wub:. We have a little boy in my school that looks exactly like Jaydon. Took me aback just a tad. He's into 'Star Wars' too. I can see him and William bonding. Never get tired of looking at this couple interacting with children. They're genuinely interested and want to listen and make each child feel like he/she matters.

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So delightful I almost don't have words. Mary is one in a million when it comes to kids!:wub:
:previous: Lovely images if Daniel with children. He's another royal that has a knack for interacting with them.

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