Royal Twins

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moby said:
Maybe Letizia or Mary will deliver twins! :)

The weird thing would be...a person's destiny will be decided by the minute or so that he or she is born ahead of his or her sister, especially if the Salic Law does not apply to their country.

The concept of royalty amazes me.

CP Mary and CP letizia dont have twins baby no! but both have one baby but only Princess Claire had it

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royaltywatcher said:
Suppose the twins are delivered by Ceasarean section? Then, in effect, the doctor delivering the babies would determine which becomes the heir to the throne. Also, suppose the twins are delivered naturally, but are identical? Would it be necessary to "mark" one in order to make sure there is no confusion about which is the future king or queen?

Future sovereigns are determined by a whim of nature, this scenario would be almost too much of a whim, almost an embarrassment of "the system."

yes! mostly! many million doctors have to agree to pregnant mothers to be for schedules c-section to delivers of twins OR Claire would try to delivers of natural birth but i think natural birth its too dangerous for twins to delivers!

my Aunt had 2 c-section when my cousin was born one girl born by 10lbs and one boy born by 11lbs both was big baby! and my cousin had first time c-section when her son was born

and my cousin told me she had emergency c-section for first time and she really scary of c-section and she show me of her scars after birth but her daughter not had c-section her daughter was in natural birth and her son was in c-section.

I told my mom about i would plans have c-section because i had history of medical and also i had sezuires but i would have safety for me in c-section no matters for me but we need to deals with doctors they ahead to c-section.

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Mary, Queen of Scots miscarried twins when she had been imprisoned after Darnley's murder. She already had her son James, but I believe the twins were boys, and if they had lived, there would have been a great fight over who was the eldest.
I think poor health care kept the number of surviving twins down in the past. However it would be interesting. And I don't think the baby would need to be marked since with all the identical twins I know their parents and others close to them can tell them apart even if the majority of people couldn't. However I suppose there still could be a great conspirisy with the court swapping the children when one shows more promise or something.
So if it was a boy and a girl and the girl was born first the boy would still be the next in line for the throne??
Will's princess said:
So if it was a boy and a girl and the girl was born first the boy would still be the next in line for the throne??

That depends on the counties laws about this. Some counties put males higher than females in the line for the thorne and other counties just do it by order of birth. I know that Princess Ingrid Alexandra of norway is higher than her brother in the line for the throne.
Royal twins?

What happens if twins are born as the first two children of a monarch/heir?

Does the 'firstborn' twin get the throne? Toss of a coin?

Has it ever happened?
As far as I know there have been no twin heirs to a throne born in the last few centuries to any of the European monarchs. I could very well be wrong. But if it were to happen, the heir would most likely be the "oldest" twin in a monarchy that didn't grant hereditary rights to males over females, or to the first born male in a monarchy that did.
I don't think it has ever happend, in a case where twins were born to a direct heir to the throne. With the Belgium princes the oldest twin is higher then the younger. Of course it would also depend if they were boy/girl twins and what the rules of sucession are in that country. I think the general rule is the oldest twin would be higher then the younger.
Emmy said:
What happens if twins are born as the first two children of a monarch/heir?
There were and are few royal/princely twins born as the other children. I can't find if there ever were firstoborn twins.

Does the 'firstborn' twin get the throne? Toss of a coin?
Born as a first of the twins get the throne. But it depend of the sex of the firstborn twin and where they - twins are/would born.
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magnik said:
Born as a first of the twins get the throne. But it depend of the sex of the firstborn twin and where they - twins are/would born.

But the sex of the twin doesn't really matter anymore, in most countries.
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Lady Jennifer said:
But the sex of the twin doesn't really matter anymore, in most countries.
Yes, but f.ex. in Spain (as now) or in the Liechtenstein (?) it has matter.
In many centuries for many of the countries was and still is only male primogeniture.

Are there any regulations about that - firstborn twins? I mean in country constitutions about RFamilies in Europe or in the other monarchies?
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Princess Margarete of Prussia, daughter of Victoria, the Princess Royal (and granddaughter of Queen Victoria) gave birth to TWO sets of twins. She already had two sons from single births before having the two sets of twins in 1896 (Philipp and Wolfgang) and 1901 (Richard and Christoph). When the Queen heard about the first set of twins, she was said to have laughed about the sudden increase in great-grandchildren.

At the end of WW1, Finland wanted to establish a monarchy, so they elected Margarete's husband, Prince Friedrich Karl as king. Their two older sons had both been killed in WW1, so they only had their two sets of twins left. Wolfgang, the younger twin of the first set, was chosen as his father's heir to the Finnish throne, since he was at the time ready to go with his parents to Finland, while his elder twin brother was not. Under pressure from the Allies, who wouldn't accept a German prince as king of Finland, Friedrich Karl renounced the throne, and Finland abandoned the idea.

I know quite of a few of Queen Victoria's descendants had twins, but this is the only case I can think of where a set of twins had a more active role in the politics of a country, though in this case, it was the younger twin who was preferred over the older one!
Are there many sets of royal twins? i know there are the young belgian twins but are there any others
Princess Margarita and Prince Jaime are twins

PrincessofEurope said:
Are there many sets of royal twins? i know there are the young belgian twins but are there any others

His Royal Highness Charles Hugues Xavier Marie Sixte Louis Robert Jean Georges Benoît Michel Duke of Parma and Piacenza, Prince de Bourbon
Her Royal Highness Irene Emma Elizabeth Duchess of Parma and Piacenza, Princess de Bourbon née Princess of the Netherlands, Princess of Orange-Nassau, Princess of Lippe-Biesterfeld

Have four children, from which Princess Margarita and Prince Jaime are twins. Here is a recent picture of the twins, together with mr. Erik Hazelhoff Roelfsema, known as the 'Soldier of Orange', a former aide-de-camp to Queen Wilhelmina and a family-friend to the royal family.

His Royal Highness Carlos Xavier Bernardo Prince de Bourbon de Parme, Prince de Piacenza

Her Royal Highness Margarita María Beatriz Princess de Bourbon de Parme, Countess de Colorno

His Royal Highness Jaime Bernardo Prince de Bourbon de Parme, Count de Bardi

Her Royal Highness María Carolina Christina Princess de Bourbon de Parme, Countess de Colorno

Royal Twins and Triplets

I don't know, if it gives royal triplets. Can someone help me and post, if there are royal triplets and who they are?
The non reigning family of Waldeck and Pyrmont have triplets, born in 2004 : Zita-Florentine, Henry-Oscar and John-Moritz.

Link : Waldeck and Pyrmont Royal Family
Another set include the house of Corsini.

3d) Alessandro (b.Islip 1 Dec 1957); m.Nassau, Bahamas 22 Feb 1992 Michelle von Kwiatowski

1e) Cosimo (b.New York 31 Dec 1994)
2e) Luisa (b.New York 31 Dec 1994)
3e) Mariuka (b.New York 31 Dec 1994)

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I was just wondering if there ever was a set of twins or triplets born into any of the royal houses?:ermm: I dont remember hearing anything but I am not a follower of all the houses. And I was sure were to put this question so I put it in here. Thanks!!!

Princes Nicolas and Aymeric 2005 (parents Princes Laurent and Clair)

Princes Jean and Margaretha 1957 (parents Grand Dukes Jean and Josephine-Charlotte)
Princes Leopold and Charlotte 2000 (parents Princes Guillaume and Sibilla)

Princesses Elisabeth and Amalie 1801, Sophie and Marie 1805 (parents King Maximilian I and Queen Karoline)
Princesses Gabrielle and Charlotte 1931 (parents Dukes Albrecht and Maria)

Great Britain
I'm not sure about Queen Anne Stuart probably twins too in 1697.

Princesses Loiuse-Elisabeth and Henriette-Anne 1727 (parents Louis XV and Marie)
Princesses Victoire and Jeanne 1556 (parent Henri II and Catherine de Medici)
Wow I though that there would be more. Thanks for the reply. I will look them up.
Friedrich Furst von Hohenzollern and Franz Joseph Prinz von Hohenzollern Emden 1891
Henriette and Josephine of Belgium 1870
Monika and Michaela of Austria 1954
Jaime and Margarita of Bourbon-Parma 1972
Dimitri and Michael of Yugoslavia 1958
Serge and Helene of Yugoslavia 1963
Any twins in noneuropean countries (not only in Japan)?

What about triples?
Few other twins:

from Egypt -Cleopatra Selene II and Alexander Helios (children of Cleopatra and Mark Antony)

from Spain - Berenguer Ramon II and Ramon Berenguer II Counts of Barcelona

from Hesse - Princes Philipe and Wolfgang of Hesse 1896 and Christoph and Richard of Hesse 1901 (great-grandsosns of Queen Victoria)

from Belgium - Princesses Josephine Marie and Henriette of Belgium 1870

from Spain/Netherlands -Princess Margaritaand Prince Jaime of Bourbon-Parma 1972 (mother Princess Irene of the Netherlands)
from Serbia HRH Prince Philip and HRH Prince Alexander (born 15.01.1982)
I don't think I've ever heard of any royal triplets...that would be amazing :)

There are a lot of royal twins though.

Princess Margaretha and Prince Jean of Luxembourg...Princes Nicolas and Aymeric of Belgium, Princesses Sara and Aisha of Jordan. I think William IV's wife gave birth to twin boys, but sadly they were both stillborn :(
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