Royal shoes and Socks: Part 1

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:previous: Horrible shoes!! But then, there's nothing nice or even decent in the above look IMO... :nonono:

I agree, I like these shoes as well. They look a bit "sporty" to me, but not extravagant at all.
Anyway, I must admit that I dislike CP Victoria's latest shoes, I simply can't stand snake prints.
Yes, they would... they should... they could... :nonono: But they don't! Reality is what matters most, I fear. She has to get rid of all these monstrosities as soon as possible!:cool:
I think the basic style of Letizia's pumps is really nice. However, like so many of you I do hate the platform thing. It looks almost like an afterthought that was added post-construction and then a matching suede fabric placed over it. She sure seems to love this particular style b/c I have seen her wearing the same pair of shoes in soooooooo many different colors!! This is a fabulous discussion - thank you to all for posting such fabulous pictures of amazing shoes! I just love shoes, so I have been really enjoying this thread.
I agree, these shoes look totally clownish!! :jester: ;) The person who advised and/or encouraged her to wear these monstrosities needs to get fired... and start looking for another job!! :cool:
:nonono: Completely wrong length, colour and style - just wrong! Horrible!
Thanks Stephanievl for the great pictures. Mathilde has some fabulous shoes!! I really love the green, brown and orange/beige ones. (love the blue/white outfit with the brown shoes too, as well as the orange and white top). I agree with many of you - the suede boots that both Mathilde and Maxima wore are terrible. I hate the over the knee look on anyone. I do love the suede and the color though.
IMO This kind of boots - over the knee etc.- are worn by someone who's desperate to attract attention. Good or bad, it doesn't matter. And Maxima certainly doesn't need this.:cool:
I found Maxima's boots just tacky... :ermm:

Mary's pumps look nice, but I think it's too much black together with those dark tights.
I really like Mary's shoes. Very fancy. The flower is a nice touch, and the satin material makes them look really dressy.
I always love Mary's shoes,they are very classy,stylish,feminine but I really don't like these one.They look like Letizia's horrors.
I fail to appreciate Mathilde and Maxima's shoes.In fact,these two ladies seem very tall and consequently their feet and shoes.Shoes of big size are rarely beautiful.
:previous: IMO Q.Sofia's shoes are considered a bit old-fashioned these days, but still elegant. It's nice that they're not too pointy.
I like Queen Sofia's shoes, but like Noor said, I think they are a little dated, but still nice. Everything old is new again...(Just a side note I think her suit is too big for her)
Sometimes her shoes are the best part of her outfit.
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