Royal Moroccan Ladies Style & Fashion Part 1: October 2007 - May 2012

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the whole looks is nice and fresh she looks great these days Lalla Hasna:)
loove the clutch.
the jacket is nice piece,the whole look is youthful and well fitted she looks fantastic.
nice bag and jewellery.
Lalla Hasna is very pretty. She and CP Victoria look very much alike. They could be sisters!

I never thought about their similarity. I'm not so sure, Victoria is slimmer and prettier, IMO. Their style and fashion are completely different too.
the suit was a smart choice indeed she looks very professional,love the color on Lalla Meryem.
i would liked another top than the black one though.
Overall, royal ladies looked great. I liked Lalla Meryem caftan the most. A turquoise colour was nicely enhanced by gold embroidery. I am somewhat disappointed in Lalla Joumala's caftan. The pattern was quite unflattering.
Thanks for additional photos!:flowers::flowers:
Lalla Meryem's caftan is very flattering .
Yes Shrifia I know it, but I upload her pic with pics of PCharles´s visit.
ok then:flowers:
the pic is nice I looove Lalla joumala earing fabulous.
thanks again Salma.
i agree that the color i am not keen with too.
but the work on the caftan is amazing,she looks fantastic with less make up.
I don't mind the color at all I think it's beautiful and Lalla hasna looks so good in that spectacular caftan.
I also loved her make-up.
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