Royal Moroccan Ladies Style & Fashion Part 1: October 2007 - May 2012

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it has bee while i didn't see Lalla Meryem looking so elegant,the white suit look wonderful on her the hair and the make up was percfect,she was stunning.
really great look , loved her hair and make up .
yes she look really pretty , me also loved her hair and make up .
Lalla Meryem looks elegant the suit fit her perfectly and color suit her alot her hair and make up was nice too,I loved her bag.
yes that is pretty caftan,i love the colors very much i think she looks radiant.
I agree with both of you, Xavi and ML. Beautiful caftan and colours!
How nice that she was invited to the Monaco Ball. The caftan is gorgeous.
nice colours and very beautiful belt in general the caftan is lovely but not her best I thought that was abit old fashion one.
I don't follow Lalla Soumaya's fashion, but I liked her jacket. It looks stylish IMO!
Oh no, this looks bad... First of all, it's so 'pompous' and the colours clash. Really bad IMO. :cool:
I like Lalla Soumaya´s outfit.
I absolutely love he colors and fabric in the caftans. I have one question that perhaps someone very familiar with the ethnic and cultural traditions of the caftan would be kind to answer;

The caftans appear to be very long and hence the ladies wearing them must gather up a handful or two of fabric in order to walk. On many photos they similarly pose with the caftan gathered in their hand.

Is there a reason for not making the caftan slightly shorter - but still covering their feet and shoes?
well grevinnan there is no reason for not making the caftans more shorter and actually its question of tast,some women don't prefer long caftans and like to wore them a little bit shorter i even remember a Moroccan designer who a make lovely collection of short caftans very short caftans (i'll try to find her collection for you).
however in general we love and like the long caftans because its magestic glamorous and make us fell like princesses:p
Lalla Hasna's white jacket with the black trim is elegant. Nice outfit.
nice look , i started to like her fashion
i like Lalla Lamia necklace just WOW!!
Lalla Asmaa caftan is nice love the purple color on her.
I would love to see her in a evening grown too many suits
:previous: thanks for the additional pics,I like the caftan very much that a lovely colurs on Lalla hasna.
I loooove the earings.
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