Royal Moroccan Ladies Style & Fashion Part 1: October 2007 - May 2012

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I loved Lalla Asma's dress at the arrival of the Spanish CP couple, she looked very stylish and elegant. Although it was a shame she was standing next to Felipe, even in her heels she looked tiny!
Photos posted by Mademoiselle Lillo
I like a lot what wore asma last week
This one during Spanish visit in morocco: her dress is beautiful and chic
These ones
during her last activity, I like her look, chic and simple, her jacket is perfect and her bag beautiful
Yes Lalla Asma is very chic, stylich from ever
and she seems to have lost Weight lately
but despite of this she is always always , very classy in moroccan style also
Lalla Soumaya's ensemble was all right. A more tailored coat would have looked much better on her body. The Japanese style rimless glasses nicely complimented her delicate facial features.
she looks good Lalla soumaya,but nothing special just a nice/simple outfit,I love the shoes.
Is it a tweed pant suit? It does look a little loose on her. But I like the material. The shoes look nice and comfortable.
I'm not so sure about the first two - especially about the lavender one - but the 3rd one is fantastic IMO.:flowers:
I'm not so sure about the first two - especially about the lavender one - but the 3rd one is fantastic IMO.:flowers:

in the second photo, lalla meryem is not the one in lavender (in lavender is lalla hasna) but the one with beige kaftan near to the little boy, I like a lot her kaftan, very refindes with beautiful colors
Oh, I obviously got confused. :flowers: That's ok, I still like the 3rd one only.
most of Lalla Meryem caftans are beautiful,i think that first one is boring but the rest is great love her white caftan from the Gala dinner in Spain and the one of Marrakech Festival.
the one from Marrakech festival is my favorite,I think one of her best I looove the design.
:previous: I love the combination of the colours and the embroidery! Maybe one of the best caftans out there - generally!
Thank you for the gallery, Ikram!:flowers: Exceptional caftans, particularly the red ones IMO!
Lalla Hasna in a spectacular caftan
one of the best i saw on Moroccan princess:)

for me unforunately, the beauty of the takchita is hidden by the white part :sad:

my preferred is the n°4 (she wore it for princess Mathilde's wedding), the red one N°5 and n°1, the grey n°8 that she wore for Marrakech festival some years ago,the white n°7 that she wore for the diner in elysee in 2000 and also the last one I like its simplicity and the choice of colors, all these are stunning:flowers:
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love the look of lalla meryem here, it was in 2003 during chirac visit in morocco
very nice jacket to visit pentagon in 2000
in pistachio suit, her look was very clean and simple, the suit was very well cutting, the color suits her so much
:previous: I liked all of the above suits (jackets, accessories etc.). I don't follow LM that much, but here it's obvious that she has great taste! :flowers:
nice outfit nothing special but very suitable the jacket is lovely but I like the blouse the most.
Her jacket is really pretty. I like the material.
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