Royal Moroccan Ladies Style & Fashion Part 1: October 2007 - May 2012

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Nov 5, 2005
hello let's post about this beautiful very classy and fashionable moroccan princess :wub:
Do you have any examples that you could start with, Ikram?:)

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Do you have any examples that you could start with, Ikram?​
I would like much but technically I am not ease for poster of the photographs on The royal forums.....:bang:
unfortunelly I have some photographs sublimes in my computer of Lalla Meryem..but I am unable to say the source .....then I count on the generosity of the participants more ease than me, for poster of the photographs of this always sublime princess:wub:
thanx both dazzling and Little_star for the photos i think lalla meryem is an elegant princess but i don't like this dress and the hair too very wierd

some beautiful caftan wearing by the princess // Free Image Hosting state visit to paris // Free Image Hosting state visit to USA // Free Image Hosting wedding in paris
lovely daywear(state visit to spain 2000) // Free Image Hosting
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Meryem looks gorgeous! I'm not a fan of that colour but she can really pull it off!
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I think that the color that choose meryem are more subtile, and that make her caftan more elegante and refined
well this is an opinion wish i respect but i find the two are caftan very lovely and elegant with superb colour i liked alot the vive colour of lalla salma caftan.
by the way from those pics i see alot of make-up for lalla meryem and i found on her face something not natural her face was inflated. (posted by Paty) LadyFinn)
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i like very much meriem style. as usual, her caftans are stunning and quiet different. she changes style, cuts, colors and so. and i notice she wears beautiful caftans made by young moroccan designers.
yes she got some weight this last months. but still she is very stylish and beautiful
some beautiful caftan wearing by the princess // Free Image Hosting state visit to paris // Free Image Hosting state visit to USA // Free Image Hosting wedding in paris
lovely daywear(state visit to spain 2000) // Free Image Hosting

Thank you Mademoiselle Lilo for these pictures, the princess has always been stylish. You reminded me of that beautiful caftan she wore in the USA, I remember an article I read on the internet,years ago, cant remember the site, in which the outfit of the two women were compared and Hillary Clinton was criticized for leaving her outfit loose without a belt. It was also mentioned that the outfit Hillary Clinton wore was one of the royal gifts presented to her. As for the last picture, I believe that all light colours do suit the princess. All the pictures are great:flowers:. Thank you
I'm not actually a huge fan of this new caftan, it's quite gaudy which isn't really Lalla Meryem's style.
I think it's beautiful caftan with nice details and very suitabl for a sush event,I like alot the vivid's the same design and style that the princess wore in the festival de fes pic but I like more the red one.
a fantastic caftan that Lalla Meryem wore yesterday for the start of the festivities commemorating the 1200th anniversary of the imperial city of Fez (post by Shrifia)
absolutly stunnig
everythings suit her
i hop she will be great soon

posted by mademoiselle LIO
in "Lalla meryem Currents events"
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her two last Kaftan are very nice, cut, colors and details are very beautiful and elegant
i think her baby style of fashion start first from the traditional very known country italia and italia is very known with designers of the last fashion since she was born .
i think her foot baby start from italia and guet accoustemed to morocco later she has medical foot .
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