Royal Moroccan Ladies' Fashion and Style Part 2: May 2012 -

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İ respect the marrocan royal ladys, they always wear the traditional caftans , thats a good promotion of the marocan culture :)
both ladies looked stunning but I prefer Lalla meryam caftan even if I though the belt ruins it.
Lalla Meryem,Lalla Hasna and Lalla Asma: ImageBam

Lalla Meryem's caftan in work and color was stunning.

Lalla Ama's black and white with gold thread work was really pretty and I thought the black and white printed was quite unusual for a caftan.

Lalla Hasna's was ok. A bit too dark for my taste in a caftan.
yes they are different caftan both lovely thanks for posting that M.Lilo
I am not sure about the caftan as there is not a better photo of it. At the same time, Lalla Soukaina's caftan compliments her amazingly green eyes.
As for Lalla Meryem, I think lighter/subtler lipsticks would better for her.
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