Royal Marriage Proposals

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Harry proposed to Meghan at Nott Cott while they were cooking roast chicken!

Prince Philip once hinted that he had proposed to the then Princess Elizabeth at Balmoral, near 'a beloved loch'.

And Bertie Duke of York was visiting St Pauls Walden Bury, the Bowes Lyon country home in Hertfordshire, where he proposed several times to Lady Elizabeth over a period of days and was finally accepted!
On May 3, 1893 Princess Mary of Teck was suppose to have tea with Princess Louise, Duchess of Fife and her husband, Alexander, Duke of Fife. When Mary arrived, she found Prince George, Louise's brother there as well. Louise inquired, "Georgie, don't you think that you ought to take May into the garden to look at the frogs in the pond?" George proposed beside the pond. Princess Mary accepted.
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