Royal Ladies of Luxembourg Fashion and Style Part 5: June 2023 -

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She looks stuffed into it. Another beachy style. Apparently it cos 20k!
Other than the State Gala ,the choice of clothing selected and worn by GDMT was below par for a State Visit.
I understand that the Grand Duchess has a new Hip and trendy image but her dress sense has gotten worse progressively.
Back in Luxembourg Grand Duchess Maria Teresa looked good in red and black at the inauguration of LUXMUN 2024 - "Luxembourg International Model United Nations" today, April 19:

** Full view ** Upper part **
A slightly too young look for Maria Teresa at the Télévie charity event:

** Upper part ** Upper part **

And better, age-appropriate dressed at the 75th anniversary celebration of the Soroptimist club Luxembourg-Doyen:

** Full view ** Upper part **
Sorry to say this: Not only that this dress is quite inappropate for this event, I also wonder wearing something like that for a cold rainy day! I often think that MT cannot accept that she is getting older and thinks she can still wear dresses and outfits which would look nice on younger women.
If the upper part was different, the dress would be so much nicer IMO.
Allways new outfits !
Her Flower evening dress from Oscar de la Renta , she wore on the second evening costed 15.000 euros
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It looks much better and flattering with the coat on!
Yesterday Grand Duchess Maria Teresa attended the delivery of checks for funds generated by the organization of the “Bazar International de Luxembourg” in November 2023:

** Full view ** Upper part ** Upper part **
The floral print is too loud and the jacket doesn't go with anything.
Grand Duchess Maria Teresa during an audience today, May 2 - if only the blouse had not been made from leather, a cotton/viscose/satin blouse would have looked so much better here:

** Full view **
I don't think I've ever seen a leather blouse before. I doubt even the most glamorous of supermodels could make that shirt look good. Let's hope Maria Teresa burns it or gets lost in the back of her closet somewhere and never sees the light of day again.
Both ladies wearing a somewhat similar style. Very much MT but working for this occasion.
The colour is really nice on Grand Duchess Maria Teresa.
Maria Teresa received the Spanish Escolania de Montserrat Boys Choir today, May 22:

** Full view **
Maria Teresa attended the laying of the first stone of the “House of the Red Cross” in Howald yesterday, June 6 - a nice look that suits her a lot:

** Full view ** Upper part ** Upper part **

And today she attended the European Cultural Award 2024 at Philharmonie Luxembourg:

** Full view **
Maria Teresa attended the laying of the first stone of the “House of the Red Cross” in Howald yesterday, June 6 - a nice look that suits her a lot:
Its not a bad outfit and far nicer than anything worn by GDMT of recent memory!
Grand Duchess Maria Teresa at the inauguration of the “Elysis” care home in Esch-sur-Alzette yesterday:

Nice suit, the colours of the blouse match nicely, the only part I dislike is the collar:

** Full view ** Upper part ** Upper part **
Grand Duchess Maria Teresa received the members of the Luxembourg Commission for UNESCO yesterday - great colour:

** Full view **
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