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The exhibition opening at the Queen's Gallery "Victoria and Albert: Art and Love" contains some unusual royal jewellery -gifts between the royal sovereigns which really fits the phrase "what do you buy someone who already has everything they need?"
Stag tooth necklace :ohmy:

I don't know how I missed this the last time I was here! The pieces are quite pretty if you don't think about the fact that its real teeth. If I had to pick a favorite one, I'd choose the thistle and tartan ribbon brooch. But I guess we know the depths of the Queen's jewelry box now..... what she's been hiding and what will probably never see the light of day again.

I'm particularly interested in this one. Thanks for posting the link, Warren! :flowers: All the pieces are magnificent. The bracelet in the last photo with the 9 crosses must be one of the most important items she owned. There's an inscription on each cross with a very important date in the couple's common life.;) I've also seen a small Cartier table clock with another inscription and generally, I'm really curious about the final prices. We'll have to wait until November 30, of course.:cool:
Their is an important jewels auction coming up at Christies in Milano. They have some beautiful jewels and several tiaras for sale. I can't tell the provences though. Just go to to veiw the e catalogue and enjoy!!!
Their is an important jewels auction coming up at Christies in Milano. They have some beautiful jewels and several tiaras for sale. I can't tell the provences though. Just go to to veiw the e catalogue and enjoy!!!

There are some very drool-worthy sparklies in this catalog. If I had the funds, I'd be bidding on at least three or four things I saw!

I would generally like all the floral and animal inspired pieces. Lovely.

The Portland is beautiful.
That would be a very beautiful wedding tiara for Kate.
Absolutely right 4Pam. Especially since Wills didn't have to fork out a lot of money for the engagement ring.
But it wld look so darling on Cam's "wings"!. Though this tiara would fit perfectly with the Saudi sapphire set if Kate gets to wear them. The Danish shld be paying attention to this as well, they need a tiara to complete Daisy's sapphire demi parure.
I like all jewels are beautiful the lace brooch, tiara...
Lovely jewels indeed. A pity that the family became extinct & had no use for these jewels anymore. Are there any pictures of people actually wearing these jewels? I haven't seen the previous owner lady Anne Cavendish-Bentick with them, but maybe a portrait of her mother Ivy is around?

What happened to the other Portland tiara btw, worn by the 7th duchess at the coronation of queen Elizabeth II? Is it still owner by the family?

better view:

In any case, I can't imagine the RF will actually buy such a major and well known piece on a public aution. Everybody will know the price of ti, and people will start complain that the RF is able to buy such a thing while they can not pay for ..etc.
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There is a portrait of Ivy with the sapphire tiara here:

I completely agree that the BRF will avoid to buy jewels in such a public auction. It draws too much attention on their spending. Also I believe that they don't really want to buy jewellery which is connected with such a prominent family.
Look at CP Mary and CP Mette-Marit: they both received newly acquired antique tiaras for their wedding. But it was all done very discretely. There is not even a rumour about who owned them before.
The times are gone when a Queen would just buy a tiara from someone like grand duchess Vladimir.
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Royal Jewels of the World Message Board: Portland Sapphire Tiara

Here are links to some nice pictures - the Portland tiara, stomacher etc.
BTW - I don't think that the tiara would be good for Kate Middleton - it is too big. She needs something more petite.....And it looks like all newly aquired antique tiaras have been with diamonds (plus pearls at a maximum) only.

Forgot to mention - I would simply die for the natural pearl brooch :whistling:Somebody out there who is interested in bying? ;)
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From the Sydney Morning Herald, 2 December 2010
Wallis Simpson bracelet sets $7.3m record

Wallis Simpson bracelet sets $7.3m record

see SMH link for picture

A bracelet owned by Wallis Simpson has sold for a world record £4.5 million ($7.3 million) at auction.

The Cartier-designed onyx-and-diamond panther bracelet was sold at Sotheby's in London on Tuesday night. It is the highest price any bracelet has ever been sold for at auction. It also became the most expensive Cartier item to be sold at any auction.

It was one of 20 pieces owned by the late duke and duchess of Windsor to go under the hammer in the sale, which raised a total of £8 million, dwarfing estimates of about £3 million.

A ruby, sapphire, emerald, citrine and diamond Cartier flamingo clip was one of the other big successes of the night, reaching £1.7 million.
Princess Grace's tiara & other pieces by Van Cleef on display at the Smithsonian National Design Museum

(Well Charlene won't be wearing this particular tiara at her wedding as the exhibition runs until June! -but reading the article carefully I think the tiara was on loan)

I just saw this exhibit the other day and it was spectacular. I recommend to anyone who's interested in jewels period; not just Princess Grace's collection, go see some of the magnificent jewels on display for the exhibition. The exhibit has been extended to July 4th so there's time to see the gorgeous tiara as well as the engagement set given to Grace by Rainier in honor of their wedding several lovely pieces. I must say Prince Albert, Princess Caroline & Princess Stephanie were general in the jewels they've allowed Van Cleef & Arpels to exhibit.

Set in Style: The Jewelry of Van Cleef & Arpels | Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum

The exhibit also featured some jewels from a few of royal ladies, such as the Dutchess of Windsor etc. It's worth the $15 if you're in the NY area.
I can't say that I really like it, though.
I've been following this emerald tiara saga for the past month, and am frankly astounded that it reached such a figure! :eek: Seriously, like SLV, I too have never really liked it, nor found it all that attractive, especially in comparison to some really beautiful ones out there.

That said, I wonder whom the mystery buyer is? I was thinking it actually may look lovely on top of Charlene Wittstock's wedding head, especially in light of her breathtaking emerald green eyes:
It's interesting but not a favorite. First thought is that the emeralds look like lollipops!
I think in the auction world it's become all about setting the "record" for whatever item is up for auction. And just because the go-between was from North America doesn't mean the buyer is.
Donnersmarck Tiara

From Whitetiger's link...

The diamond and emerald tiara, which German prince Guido Henckel von Donnersmarck's commissioned for his second wife Katharina around 1900, was estimated to fetch $5 million-$10 million. It sold for US$12.76m.
The winning bid was taken over the telephone by Lisa Hubbard, chairwoman of Sotheby's jewelry department in North America - a hint as to the location of the new owner.

Donnersmarck Tiara


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