Royal House of Denmark: Official and Unofficial Links

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Royal House of Denmark: Unofficial Links

Royal House of Denmark Unofficial Links

This is the place where you can find all of the latest unofficial links about the Danish Royal Family.​


*Swedish magazine/newspaper. From time to time they will publish articles about the Danish Royal family.]Billed BladetBilled Bladet
*Tabloid that is frighteningly accurate (they must have a crystal ball in their office or something.)]B.T.B.T.
*This is a tabloid magazine/newspaper which features all the happenings in Denmark.]Das Erste RoyaltyDas Erste Royalty
*German magazine dedicated to royals of the world.]Ekstra BladetEkstra Bladet
*Tabloid sleaze and cheese at its best.]HELLO!HELLO!
*British magazine.]Her og NuHer og Nu
*Tabloid sleazefest extradordinaire that would even make your Grandmother cringe.

Se og Hor
*Low, really low tabloid magazine. But I'm sure they're lovely people when they aren't making up bad soap opera stories about the Danish Royal family.

Television and Videos:

*A weekly news program highlighting all the royals. Informative and well produced, a must watch. I'll let everyone know when a new show airs and how to watch so keep an eye on this topic or any other topic in the DRF forum.

*Denmark's first tv channel. This station shows all the latest news, entertainment, cultural happenings from around the world and in Denmark. There are two stations under DR: DR1 and DR2. To access these two channels, look to your top left. There you will see the two highlighted links, in red. Click it and there you go. To watch the news on the internet, click TV Avisen.]
*Danish television.]TV2 KongeligTV2 Kongelig
*Like MTV in its early years: Everything royal, all the time.

*German. Showcases royals from around the world.

Luxembourg:]Palace RoyalePalace Royale
*A great program for all royal buffs. It's main focus is on the Grand Ducal House, but they do highlight the rest of the European Houses. I'll give everyone a head's up when the next program airs and how to correctly access it.

Blauw Bloed
*A fantastic Dutch royal program. Click Meer, then click Open in de Mediaspeler. I'll let you know when the new show airs and how to work the link one day prior to the program.

NRK Video Clips
*Norwegian television.

Channels from Around the World:
*Fantastic link. Want to watch the latest news from around the world? Here is a site that lists all of the television channels in the world.

*Great Dutch blog about the Crown Prince couple.

Dag Hoelseth's Royal Links
*Links galore! If you are bored and have nothing to do, well your greatest wish has been answered. Dag has complied a massive list of royal links and then some.]Mary en MaximaMary en Maxima
*Main focus is on Mary and Maxima. Lots of wonderful detailed photos with commentary.]Netty RoyalNetty Royal
*Danish royalty according to Dutch journalist Netty. This is a thorough blog worth reading.]Princess MariePrincess Marie

Princess Mary
*Another Dutch blog dedicated to HRH Crown Princess Mary. It's a beautiful, well maintained site with lots of photos and commentary.]Princess Mary and LetiziaPrincess Mary and Letizia

*A Dutch blog which also features the Danish royals. Great site, well informed, always updated.]Royal Ungdom.dkRoyal
*My new favorite blog. These young, hip Danes have a deep respect for their royals, so much so that they decided to start their own royal blog which features original articles, photos, videos and so forth. Even though they are still in their infancy, expect big things from these royal journalists.]Royals Web-Log.nlRoyals
*Royals of Europe are the focus including Mary.

Unofficial Websites:
Alexander Palace Time Machine
*A rich informative site which mainly follows the Romanov Dynasty. If you scroll down on their website they have a small section dedicated to the Danish royals of both past and present.]All Things RoyalAll Things Royal
*Small up and coming site.]Days of RoyaltyDays of Royalty
*Supported by the European Union's Culture 2000 program, this site specializes in the monarchs of the past. There is a section for the Danish royals. Search the site and you will find it.

Fred and Mary Yahoo Group
*A site that hasn't been updated since the Luner landing in 1969.]Future Queens Message BoardFuture Queens Message Board
*Another fantastic site that highlights all the future Queens from Europe. The Admins are cool so be nice. Portal
*Specialized site which features all the royal families that ever exsisted in the universe at one time or another. Oh, and the Danish royal family is highlighted on this site.]Scandinavian Royals Message BoardScandinavian Royals Message Board
*Great forum, but the topics don't last long. Careful when linking a topic because it might be gone within a several weeks.
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Unofficial Websites continued:

[URL=""]Danish Royal Weddings[/URL]
*Beautiful site to view all of the Danish royal weddings.

[URL=""]Genealogy of the Royal House of Denmark[/URL]
*A complete genealogy of the Danish Royal Family from the site Chivalric Orders. Fantastic site worth visiting.

*Dutch blog/message board. Pretty good, but it's in Dutch. So if you don't speak the language, well, I can't help you. But the hundreds of photos are lovely.

[URL=""]Countess Alexandra, formerly Princess Alexandra of Denmark[/URL]
*Since there are many who are interested in the former Princess of Denmark, it only seems fitting to add her to the list. This is a great site with loads of detailed information. Check it out.

*Massive database for those who love databases. Somewhere between
Abkhazia and Dilmun is Denmark. Look for it as if your life depended on it. It's worth it in the end.

The Royals
*A good site.

Royal Weddings Message Board

The Unofficial Royal Family Page
*A Great informative site.

Royal Weddings of Scandinavia
*A beautiful site with lots of rare photos of Danish royal weddings. Scroll down until you see the headline Denmark.

Photo sites:

It's imperative that you remember TRF photo posting RULES and FAQ. Trust me, you don't want your Momma, Dad, boyfriend, girlfriend, partner, dog, cat, brother, sister, cousins, and long lost relatives visiting you in jail if any of these sites find out that you stole their photos. Second, black and white stripes are so last season. In other words, follow the forum rules and all shall be golden.:D

*Pretty good. Spanish photo agency.

*Dutch photo agency which has lovely updated photos of all the royal families of Europe. There is a page for those who speak English.

[URL=""]Blume Foto[/URL]
*Not really familiar with Gerd Blume's work, but the two photos I have seen are pretty amazing.

*Daily photos of royals and celebrities.

*You can view photos taken not by professionals by amatuers. Usually shot by royal fans and the like. Under Search type in the name of the royal you wish to view.

[URL=""]Focus Royal[/URL]
*A smaller photo agency. I don't know much this site, but if you do let me know so I can add a brief summary about them.

[URL=""]Getty Images[/URL]
*America's premiere photo sites. Lots and lots of photos.

*See their work, not bad. Lots of photos. Click Sok button to find the person you are looking for.

*Good site, tons of photos.

[URL=""]Jutland Press[/URL]
*Another Danish photo agency.

*Madeleine Glindorf's photo page.]Madeleine Glindorf Photos
[URL=""]Klaus Moller[/URL]
*Another official royal photographer, Mr. Moller has a massive photo archive. Click Foto Galleri. Then next to the word Sogetekst type in the name of the person you wish to see.

Royal Press

*Another good site.

[URL=""]Steen Brogaard[/URL]
*One of the official photographers for the Danish royal family, Steen's work is absolutely fantastic. His use of light is amazing.

[URL=""]Soren Steffen[/URL]
*I've seen some of his work, not bad. On his page he has the latest news on the Danish royals. Thanks to Jema from the CPMB for finding the link. We appreciate it.

*Reliable site that has tons and tons of photos. You need to be a member to see the enlarged photos.]Kiwi's Royal Photos
Misc. Stuff:

[URL=""]Aften Posten[/URL]
*A Norweigan newspaper/magazine that highlights all the Scandinavian royals.

[URL=""]European royal History Journal[/URL]
*An amazing site for the serious royal scholar. You must subscribe to the journal in order to read the latest articles and so forth.

[URL=""]Royal Photos brought to you by some fan[/URL]
*I don't know who runs this site, but they have some interesting photos nonetheless.

Schloss Berleburg
*Information about the beautiful German castle. This it the home of the Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg family which includes Princess Benedikte, Prince Richard and family. Currently, Prince Gustav and his California girlfriend, author Carina Axelsson occupy the castle (in several apartments.)

[URL=""]Scloss Berleburg @ Bad Berleburg[/URL]
*Official website for the town of Bad Berleburg where Schloss Berleburg is located. Detailed information for tourists is provided. Mind you it is in German.

[URL=""]Story of King Christian IX[/URL]
*A simple introduction to one of Denmark's beloved King's. In case you didn't know this is the guy with whom many call The Father-in-Law of Europe.

[URL=""]Image Station[/URL]
*Someone collected hundreds of photos from the May 14, 2004 Danish royal wedding. If you want to say "Awww" and shed a tear while you're add it then click the link above.

*All commentary is based on my opinion alone. Opinions are not fact. It's simply my observation as an objective reader. The opinions expressed here, by me, do not nescesarily reflect that of the owner of TRF, other mods, admins, or anyone related to them. Capiche?*
Links to Danish royal news. - In newspapers. A help for news and picture diggers.

Here are some links to various papers in Denmark, which may be useful for our newsdiggers and those who hunt pictures and video clips as well.
This will be updated from time to time.

Feel free to add you own links.

Berlinske Tidende
Nationwide newspaper, with heavy emphasis on Copenhagen.
(Very good news section. Often extremely good galleries of the DRF).

BT - the royal section
Nationwide tabloid.
Royal section:
(The journalists writing the DRF articles are of varying quality but their coverage in general is very comprehensive).

Ekstra Bladet - gossip section
nationwide tabloid.

Jyllands Posten
Nationwide newspaper, with a lot of emphasis on what is going on outside Copenhagen.
Royal section:
(Being very much a business paper, this is where you can find a lot of hard background info in regards to Danish commerce and also foreign and security policy. Something that is often relevant when the DRF is working abroad).

Kristeligt Dagblad
Smaller nationwide newspaper.

Nationwide newspaper, with emphasis on Copenhagen.
(Their news section is very good).

24 Timer
Free nationwide newspaper.

Free nationwide newspaper.

Free nationwide newspaper.


Local newspapers:

Bornholms Tidende
Cover the island of Bornholm.

Fyens Stiftstidende
Cover Odense and the island of Funen (Fyn).
(They often have very good galleries of the DRF, and considering that Joachim & Marie are often on the job on Funen, they get a good deal of coverage in particular).

Fyns Amts Avis (Now amalgamated with Fyen Stiftstidende, above).
Cover Odense and the island og Funen.

Herning Folkeblad
Cover central Jutland.

Holbæk Amts Venstreblad
Cover northern Zealand, including Fredensborg.

Horsens Folkeblad
Cover Horsens and parts of eastern Jutland.

Skive Folkeblad
Cover the north west coast of Jutland.

Kalundborg Folkeblad
Cover Kalundborg and western Zealand.

Lolland-Falsters Folketidende
Cover the two islands of Lolland and Falster, south of Zealand.

Nordjyske Stiftstidende
Cover Aalborg and northern Jutland.

Århus Stiftstidende
Cover Århus and eastern Jutland. - Marselisborg.
Royal section: (Link to Jyllands Posten, but they also have their own royal articles under the news sections in the paper).

Jydske Vestkysten
Cover southern Jutland. With local sections. Tønder = Schackenborg. Sønderborg = Gråsten.
(This is very much Joachim and Marie's newspaper. You will sometimes find local stories about them that are not covered elsewhere).

Frederiksborg Amtsavis
Cover northern Zealand. - Fredensborg. (They frequently cover the DRF).


Other medias:

TV2 news

TV2's special royal section

TV2's royal news section

DR1 news

Regional news from TV2:

Cover southern Jutland. - Gråsten & Schackenborg.

TV2 Fyn
Cover Odense and the island of Funen.

Cover Zealand outside Copenhagen.

Cover Aalborg and northern Jutland.

Cover Copenhagen. - Including Fredensborg.

Cover central and western Jutland.

Cover Århus and eastern Jutland. - Marselisborg.

Cover the island of Bornholm.


A good overview with a large number of links can be found here:

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