Royal Hairstyles Part 1: January 2009 - December 2012

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The above hairdo is one of the most beautiful I have seen!I just don't understand why we should compare Maxima to Mary.Their hair style,color and length are completely different.JMHO,of course.
I'm fond of Princess Mary's classic hair style, it's always beautiful and on time.
As for the Princess Marie, I would have seen another haido.
That hairstyle of Mathilde is lovely. And Diana with long hair was gorgeous. I wish she would have kept it that way a little bit more.
I think I've never seen a picture of Diana with long hair...Thanks Zubiaur!
Princess Victoria´s first hairstyle in first pic is gorgeous,so glamorous.And I prefer Diana with longer hair as in all women,I think they look better.
I too remember when Diana wore her hair long, and I always loved it that way! thanks for posting the lovely photos for me to peruse.
I too prefer woman with longer hair and Diana looked lovely with that hairdo! :flowers:

As much as I like Princess Michael of Kent, I wish she would do something with her hair, cut it or wear it all up all the time, it looks terribly frizzy sometimes...
I agree with the others about Princess Diana's long hair. It made her look younger. I wish she would have kept her long hair a little bit longer.
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Mary and Marie seem to do lots of similar things about their attire when they appear together, i.e.

New Year Court Gala 2010
Sometimes they are a bit too similar!!
This hairstyle so casual ruins all the dress,imo:eek:
This braid is too casual for this ocassion......

Princess Grace had sophisticated hairstyle:
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I do like Mary's hairstyle quite a lot. To me it looks almost artistic and like from another era. Marie's braid looks rather poor and indeed too casual.
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