Royal Family of Egypt 1: Ending Aug 2023

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I'm aware of that too but you can find more info about her in the Iraqi royality thread since she was engaged /to marry the king of Iraq till his murder.
King Faisal wasn't officially engaged to any other women. He asked for the hand of two princesses before Fazila but his proposals were rejected.
According to information in the last issue of " Point De Vue" magazine, the wedding of prince Mohammed Ali of Egypt and princess Noal of Afghanistan will be celebrated on August 30 in Istanbul
Google translation from the Spanish, partly edited

Mohammed Ali of Egypt and Noal of Afghanistan: Summer Royal Wedding

Egypt's Crown Prince will marry the granddaughter of the last king of Afghanistan on August 30 at the Çirağan Palace, Istanbul

Nowadays rarely do Princes marry Princesses, but this summer will see the exception that proves the rule: the Royal Wedding of Crown Prince of Egypt, Mohammed Ali, with Princess Noal, granddaughter of Zahir Shah, the last King of Afghanistan, Aug. 30 south of the Bosphorus.

The couple met a year ago in Istanbul.
The groom was born in 1979 in Cairo, the eldest son of Fuad II, last king of Egypt, who reigned only a few months of his early childhood in the early 1950s. The Prince has the title Prince of Said and so is the Heir to the Muhammad Ali Dynasty, architect of modern Egypt. He is currently working in Paris in the field of real estate.

The bride was born in 1980 in Rome, the daughter of Prince Mohammed Daoud Khan Pachtounyar, the fifth son of the last king of Afghanistan Zahir Shah and Queen Homeira. She graduated from the Institut Saint-Dominique, a famous French school and has a University degree in European Business. She works at Webster in London, specializing in jewellery design. Their upcoming marraige has delighted King Fouad II, who has endured many personal difficulties, including divorced from his wife, Dominique-France Loeb Picard, the mother of his three children, in 1996.

Far from their country both, the couple decided to formalize their commitment on 27 April in the former Ottoman capital. The traditional ceremony was held in the presence of King Fouad II and his other two children, Princess Fawzia Latifa and Prince Fakhr el-Din, and the mother of Princess Noal, Princess Fatima Begum Aref, and her brother, Prince Duran Douad Khan. With their families, they realized the promised illusion of their close friends Prince Rudolf and Princess Tilsin of Liechtenstein [they married last year in Istanbul, Princess Tilsin is Turkish]. They will all meet again to toast the couple's happiness on 30 August in Istanbul, in the beautiful setting of the Çirağan Palace, on the European shores of the Bosphorus. The Royal Wedding will be in the summer.
Princess sabiha fazila of egypt . an actual photo


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Any birth or pregnancy annountsnents after the weddingz?
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Is there any likelihood of a restoration of the monarchy in Egypt?
In this article is written that there are rumours about Princess Noal to be "a converted Christian"

But Prince Rahul is a Hindu (confessor of Hinduism), not a Christan.

I think the issue some segments of the Indian yellow press may have had was that the heir to the Gandhi dynasty (of Hindu faith) might have been courting a Muslim princess who had become Catholic.
Had she really become Catholic?
In this article it sounded as if she had converted to Catholicism because of Rahul - whereas it's his mom who is a Catholic, not he.
Jewels of Queen Nazli are to sell now. She was the greatest jewel owner of the world.

After a divorce she married in 1919 King Fuad I . tehy had 5 Children ;
Farouk King married first Farida ( they had 3 daughers : Fawzia (first Queen of Iran),

Queen Nazli of Egypt's jewels are to sell. She had the greatest jewel collection of the Word.

In 1919 she married King Fuad I of Egypt. They had 5 Children ;
Farouk who married first Farida and had 3 daughters Ferial, Fawzia and Fadia.
and secondly Nariman who had a son Fuad II.

Queen Nazli had also 4 daughters :
Fawzia First Queen of Iran
Faiza, Faika and Fathiya (who was killed by her husband.)

They had an unbelievable life and the Egyptian Court and in exile became modern wifes.

I don't know who is the seller ?

King Fuad married Dominique Piccard , had 3 Children and divorced.

His ex wife former Queen Fadila , now Mrs Fadila Dominique Piccard had to sell her Appartment Avenue Foch in Paris because of her depts
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The Royal Family of Egypt pictured in December 2015.

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The King has resided in Switzerland for some time now.

King Fuad with Princess Fawzia Latifa
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The Crown Prince and Princess
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According to Egyptian press Hussein Chirine, son of princess Fawzia has died yesterday ( January 15th).The late Hussein/Husain is the son of princess Fawzia Fuad of Egypt (former empress of Iran) & her second husband Ismail Chirine. He had two elder sisters Princess Shahnaz Pahlavi of Iran & Nadia Chirine.

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