Retrospective of the Spanish Royal Family, Part 2 (June 2006 - July 2007)

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Thanks my dear :flowers:
The photos are beautiful :winkiss:
crisiñaki said:
hey, this thread needs some posting!:D

I was only waiting for you all to come back to this thread :)
Thanks for posting these great findings, Cris :)

Here's a pic of the family with Queen Elisabeth who visited them in 1988:

State Visit 1988
Thanks so much for the pictures. It\s great this thread is active again, I just love these pictures. Felipe has always been handsome hasn't he been :wub:
crisiñaki said:
you're welcome!

And just to add some fuel to the fire...:lol:

The WHOLE Borbon/Greece/Gomez-Acebo/Zurita family (circa 1988)[/URL]

Infanta Pilar looks really elegant in this picture.
How cutee thanks Nawal..
Hope to see pictures like this but with Felipe, Leonor & Sofia :wub:
Mari_* said:
How cutee thanks Nawal..
Hope to see pictures like this but with Felipe, Leonor & Sofia :wub:

You´re welcome Mari :flowers: :flowers:

Iceflower thank´s for your pictures, are amazing.:flowers:
:flowers: Thank you very much to two by so pretty photos. I have specially liked the one of JC with their children and the one of Sofía, that is very handsome, with Felipe.SALUDOS!:angel: :angel:
You are both most welcome, Nawal and marenostrum :flowers:

I scanned in a pic of the family - Sofia, Juan Carlos, Elena and Felipe - in Sevilla in 1991, take a look ---> 1991 Sevilla :)
A couple of pics I found:

The Spanish Royal Family pose for a photo during a visit to Dowager Queen Cristina in the Palace of miramar, San Sebastian, Spain, Aug. 10, 1927. From left to right front row; The Infanta Beatriz; the Infanta Isabel Alfonsa, daughter of the late Princess of Asturias; the Queen Mother Cristina; the Infante Don Juan; Queen Victoria of Spain; the Infanta Cristina. Back row from left to right; The Infante Don Jaime; the Infante Don Alphonse of Orleans, son of the Princess Eulalie; the Prince of the Asturias;King Alfonso XIII of Spain and the Infante Don Gonzalo

Japan's Crown Prince Akihito and Princess Michiko pose with Spain's King Juan Carlos, Queen Sofia, Infanta Elena and Infanta Cristina before a gala dinner in the Pardo Palace in Madrid, Spain, Wednesday, Feb. 28, 1985

(AP Wideworld)
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These last ones were great! I seems it was only yesterday that Prince Felipe and his sisters were little and were celebrating their first Communion...And King Juan Carlos was really beatiful in his sailor suit!

Wow King Juan Carlos and Queen Sophia have marriage 45 anos and they want to fem year 50 anos!!!! Now King Juan Carlos and Queen Sophia have beautiful children and grandchildren.!!!!
Thanks crisiñaki! This pics are, as always, fantastic.
Thank you all for the wonderful pics!

I especially like one of the pics you've posted in your last post, Cris, the one of the kids sitting in front of the large painting. You can easily imagine things they could have been thinking at that moment. Elena something like: "I'm so bored, when will this be over?" Felipe thinking of something nice to eat and Cristina who looks at Felipe: "What is he thinking about, a new clever coup I can help him with?" ;) :)
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