Restoration of the Monarchy in Romania

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Personally I think it was a combination of his mother and his grandmother. Queen Marie was outgoing, outlandish and flamboyant but she was a really decent person. Queen Helen could almost have been a saint. Together they raised a really decent man.
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I'm a Romanian ultra-royalist and don't have too much love for the "democratic monarchy", but I must state that even though more and more romanians are in favour of the restoration, the opposition is fierce. Mainly because communism left very deep scars in the people of Romania and also because the criminal internationalist lobby for republican democracy and egalitarianism in the western world has effect on even more young people.

To change the form of government of Romania, the constitution has to be changed twice. First to remove the article that bans the change from republic and second to actually change it from republic to whatever.

I would dare to say that this "criminal internationalist lobby" you're speaking of has all the interest in the world that Romania remains a poor republic, with a fragile democracy, a corrupt political class, the perfect environment for all kinds of financial experiments (like the measures taken in the last years by the former government) and not only.
The outrageous words of the US ambassador Gitenstein towards what Romania should do and should NOT do are speaking for themselves. They need a controlable and corrupt president in charge (especially with the actual constitution), not a proud king, a moral instance.
After the 29th of July the problem of the Restoration of Monarchy will surely become important.

Today Romania has a government which is very respectful towards the Royal Family!

At the referendum 87% were against Basescu but it is not clear if there was 50% of the population at the referendum. The Constitution Court is studying right now the issue.

The "King's Hour" goes on on the National Television (TVR1).

The presence in Romania of HRH Prince Nicolae helps a lot the royalist cause. He is seen with much simpathy by the people.

The last week visits of the Royal Family in different cities show a great popularity and a big interest of the people for the Monarchy. The government announcred a new subject in the Highschools: The Story of the Monarchy. The chances of the Restoration are really increasing.

Only the politicians are partially against the Retoration nowadays.
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I would feel more confident in that if I saw large crowds of people protesting and marching in the streets carrying portraist of Michael and loudly calling for restoration. Without visible demonstrations there is little impetus for major constitutional change.
Somehow I feel it is more a case of discontent with current leadership than I real desire for restoration of a monarchy most Roumanians would never have known.
I'm not sure I agree there, there's more than one way to get what you want and not every result comes from protests or demonstrations. I think there's certainly a renewed interest in the monarchy in Romania, the polls show an increase in popularity and the government seems to be taking the restoration seriously, as least in theory. That is to say, they'll give the idea attention and allow the debate to happen. That's a huge step onward from what Romania was just over 20 years ago. I think if anything, it shows how well Romania has adopted democracy. There have been pro-monarchy demonstrations in Bucharest this year but I get the feeling this won't be a revolution type scenario. I believe the government will raise the debate, there'll be a referendum (with more visible yes and no camps) and the decision will be made that way.
As a Romanian what do you think the likelihood is that there will be a restoration? Is it really politically viable at all?
Some political party leaders made public statements in favour of the restoration, yet this might be (I am sure of it) just a tool to gain more votes.

The restoration is viable while it has King Michael I as a symbol and I'm afraid it'll lose momentum without him.

[...]They need a controlable and corrupt president in charge (especially with the actual constitution), not a proud king, a moral instance.
"latinist" is right.
Every government (aside from maybe the 1996-2000 one) since the fall of Ceausescu had large foreign backing. It really feels like they are forced upon us from outside. There is logical reasoning and hard proofs behind this point of view, but it'll take too much space and it'll be mainly off-topic.
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After the 29th of July the problem of the Restoration of Monarchy will surely become important.

Early reports suggest voter turn out on the referendum to impeach the President was too low, less than 50%, for the results to be valid. Though polls suggest almost 70% want the President to go the people just did not turn out to cast their ballots so they are left where they started. Well that is democracy, the people get the government they deserve.
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When King Michael was on the throne in the 1940s, what exactly did he do with his time?

I am reading Mihail Sebastian's journal of his life in Romania in the 1930s and 1940s, and while King Carol and plenty of political leaders are mentioned throughout the book, King Michael's name doesn't appear at all.

In a way that's good since so many terrible things happened then, and King Michael clearly had nothing to do with them, but how much power did he have, if any? And why didn't he refuse to sign Antonescu's terrible laws, like he refused to sign the Communists' terrible laws after 1945?
The romanian society is now more divided than ever, in danger of social collisions if the suspended president should return to the Cotroceni Palace. The people literally hate him. There is a monarchist movement, which is trying to unite all the other monarchist organisations and to act clearly towards the restoration; one of the leaders (I would say the most important of them, the heart of the monarchists) is a television producer, there is a tv show at the national television called "The king's Hour" every Saturday in which she is deeply involved.
The monarchists on facebook are more united than ever, willing to gather in several cities to demonstrate for monarchy.
Romania needs the monarchy now more than ever...otherwise I really don't know what will become of this country.
Anything going on in Roumania since the failed referendum?
At their last visit, this Monday at Alba-Iulia, the city where king Ferdinand and queen Mary were crowned in 1922, the Royal Family used the old royal train, which was never used before, since 1948. I think this also means something.
Anyway, it's a huge difference between the way the royals are seen nowadays and the way they were seen back in the 90's for instance. Since then, a lot of people got new information about monarchy, about how things go in the other european monarchies, not to speak about those romanians who actually live and work abroad, who opened up their vision, ideas a lot.
Prince Radu said in an interview recently that the problem is not common people, mostly decent, but the so-called "elites", the ones who "rule" and decide for others, meaning not only political class, also many intelectuals, parts of the civil-society, who are still quiet, just for some advantages of their own.
Any will from the major political parties has really vanished recently when PNL and its president, Crin Antonescu, showed their true colours.

The only other parties that is very much pro-monarchy is the Christian-Democratic National Peasants' Party. But the party has been weakened by splitting into two factions: one supporting the centre-left USL and the other supporting the centre-right ADR. Both factions though openly campaign for the restoration of the monarchy. However, their infighting has detered people from voting for any of the two factions.
The ex-premier Calin Popescu Tariceanu supports the restoration of Monarchy in 2013:

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The nowadays prime minister is not against Monarchy even if he is officially republican.

The ex premier did not speak about a referendum but about the debate about the Constitution that will surely take place in 2013.

It is impossible to change the Constitution without a referendum but first of all it is compulsory to have a decision of the Parliament with a large majority.

You're very welcome!It is however difficult to have a clear and large royalist majority in the Parliament after the december general elections.
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Very interesting.
If I am not mistaken, the former Prime Minster is the highest-ranking Romanian official to openly support a restoration.

Cory, did I understand the former Prime Minister's proposal right? Does he suggest to have a referendum with two simple questions - whether the country should remain a republic or a constitutional monarchy? And that he personally supports monarchical form of government?
The ex premier did not speak about a referendum but about the debate about the Constitution that will surely take place in 2013.
A debate within the Parliament? And if so, and assuming most MPs opt for one or the other form of government, shouldn't there be a referendum as well?
I see, thanks for answering my questions, Cory! :flowers:
If such a debate should take place, in the future Parliament, and if a clear majority won't be able to form itself, either for monarchy, or against it, then the correct thing to do would be to organize a national referendum, and let the people decide this issue.
Anyway, this should have been done normally in 1991, along with the new Constitution...
But who knows...? Perhaps it's better this way, better later than never; the chances in favour of the monarchy may be much stronger now.
That's what they said last year around King Mihai's birthday and nothing changed when they came to power this year, especially when the "big monarchist" Antonescu was president. They didn't even try to bring up the discussion. For them, the personal vendetta against Basescu was more important. All they are doing now is blowing hot air for elections since they know many Romanians respect the King and there are many monarchists' votes to be one. I dislike how PNL is using the monarchy to bring them votes.

I would not place my bet for now on anything concrete to happen in 2013.
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It is nice that King Michael is having all these honours heaped on him in the last years of his life, but is anything happening on the political front in terms of an actual restoration movement? Parliamentary debate? Proposals for constitutional referendum? The former king is not getting any younger.
The debate for the new Constitution will begin next year as wanted by the nowadays coalition of government.

Street Press speaks about the possibility of the restoration of Monarchy in Romania next year because of the large support from the National Liberal Party (PNL):

2013, année du comeback du roi de Roumanie ? | Vendredi 07 Décembre 2012 sur

The country needs the urgent restoration of Monarchy and not only a sort of "compromise".

We will see the position of the coalition of government regarding the new Constitution.

Different important Romanian personalities signed an Appel to the coalition of Government to restore the Monarchy and to the Romanian Orthodox Church and the Romanian Greek-Catholic Church to recognize HM the King as the annointed Sovereign of the country:

1236 de persoane, printre care numeroase personalit

Apel c?tre USL ?i Bisericile na?ionale pentru restaurarea Monarhiei | Stiri | DC News | De ce se intampla | Ziar online

"King's Hour" (the 22nd of December 2012):

Ora regelui
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If restoring the monarchy requires a referendum, and it's unlikely that restoration would win a majority of popular support, according to that article, given King Michael's high popularity, why not do a "halfway" restoration?

Couldn't the Romanian legislature give King Michael the title of "King"? (Not that Afghanistan is a model, but its former king was given the official title of "Father of the Nation" or something.)

And couldn't Romania designate the Royal Family as "the Royal Family" and give it an official role in the promotion of the country and its well-being? (I believe that Montenegro did such a thing)

King Michael already has his palace back, and doesn't he get some kind of state payment? He seems to have a terrific life now, with all sorts of awards and gifts being bestowed on him, visits from Prince Charles and other royals, etc. I'd be pretty happy with that kind of life; it's certainly better than mine.
The country needs the urgent restoration of Monarchy and not only a sort of "compromise".
Now, what should be done to initiate the process of restoration in Romania?
Could you please explain it better, should the Government pass a referendum law or anything alike?
I'd like to know if the referendum to restore the monarchy will be aproved. Does it have support?
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