Religion of the Belgian RF

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I don't know, but all I've heard is that all the family is very religious.
I don't disbelieve that they are very religious, but they - like most other European families - are probably cautious that any strongly-held beliefs are tempered with the realization that they "represent" many people with differing interpretations and beliefs ... they seem to have bright political advisors who ensure that their true spiritual beliefs remain private.
Cathérine Bergeyck said:
It was just one of Laurent's "unfortunate remarks"
Hi Cathérine!
That might have been an "unfortunate remark" but I think Laurent is no fool at all! He has a special sense of humour and some of his remarks to the press are very, very witty.
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Sean.~ said:
Queen Fabiola has long been a supporter of Opus Dei. It is widely known among the European nobility.
Hi Sean!
Can you picture King Albert or Queen Paola as members of Opus Dei? ;)
I can't! :D
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The Royal House of Belgium:In that God Bless their freedom.

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First of all, Prince Laurent may not own a degree, but he does know a lot about the enviroment and gets paid as the chairman of his own foundation. He's the only one of the royal family not receiving an allowance from the gouverment as far as I know.

About the faith question. They are roman-catholic. As Paola was present at the inauguration of a pope when she and Albert met it's concidered most lightly that she's a catholic too. Mathilde is also catholic, as she was (is) a member of the Order of Malta which assists dissabled people during their trip to Lourdes. Lorenz is a member of the Habsburg-family who has been catholic for several centuries so it is to be expected that he is catholic as well. And don't forget they made "Maria" (dutch for Mary, the mother of Christ) a part of their daughters names Maria-Laura, Luisa-Maria and Laetitia Maria and I wouldn't be surprised if the boys had that name too as their second third or fourth name. Fabiola is also roman-catholic and it is stated in books about her that she thought about becoming a nun if she hadn't married.

Crown prince Philippe hasn't got the easiest of positions. His role isn't defined in the constitution. Nothing is said against or pro him speaking out his mind about political questions. As a king he won't be allowed to speak his mind about politics as the king has to be neutral. But Philippe isn't king yet technically he "could" speak out his mind if he wants too, although it might be better not to express policital views, but then again, I'm not too fond of "Vlaams Belang" or "VB" myself and seeing the recent events in Belgium I'm glad he made those comments. As Cathérine has stated he didn't use the term "Vlaams Belang" or "VB" very obviously, but everyone in Belgium knew what he was talking about.

How I think of it? Crown Prince Philippe will allways get the blame. If he speaks out how he thinks about things he is ordered to shut up, and if he doesn't speak out his mind than he is accused of being to dumb to have his own oppinion.
Todays monarchs are supposed to be very neutral and above political tamtam.
A good example is QEII, whose political tendencies could never ever been pinpointed.
But a monarch (and his heir as well) should work for the greater good of their country. (The ribbon cutting and waiving from balconies is just not enough;) )
And if a movement be it political or religious or whatever threatens to destroy the values of the society, isn't it then his/her duty to stand up for his country?
Fighting racism, hate and intolerance should be everyones duty and more so the duty of the souvereign, because as I said: Cutting ribbons is just not enough.
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