Reburial of the remains of Alexei and Maria

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IMVHO, this is politically based. I suspect that the current "powers that be" really do not want the family finally buried together for fear that some "cult" of the personalities which they may fear will develop among the people. I think it very doubtful, but there is no accounting for certain insecurities which may be present.
Why would you canonize people who were hardly saints.

Emperor Nicholas II and his family were canonised as Passion Bearers, meaning that they faced death in a Christ-like manner. Unlike Martyrs, they did not die for their faith, but rather showed great piety and love of God at the time of their death. The Russian Orthodox Church has more than twenty types of saints (unlike the Roman Catholic Church which only has five). I particularly like the Fool for Christ, an insane, yet holy person.

The Roman Catholic Church does it all the time, so why not the Russian Orthodox?

Really? So far during his reign, Pope Francis has beatified 49 people as Blesseds and canonised 26 as Saints. Which ones didn't deserve it?
December 31, 2015 in an interview with TV "Russia-24" Bishop Tikhon (Shevkunov) had spoken in particular about the new turn in the so-called "Tsarist issue", in the study of the Ekaterinburg remains. Shevkunov called them "by some remains," thus underlining that the ROC still does not recognize it as the remains of the royal family. The main thing, he said, that recently there was reached an agreement with the Investigative Committee of Russia to conduct a full comprehensive examination of the murder of the royal family and the remains (this was not make earlier in full). He also said that the time for this examination is no longer limited and it may take two to three years. The full interview (video and sound) can be found, for example: (in Russian) 4.00 : 11.45 min.
I was unable to find a complete printed text of this interview either in Russian or in English. Below I rewrite a few abbreviated text of this publication on the website (Итоги года. Интервью каналу «Ð*оссия 24»(Видео) / Православие.Ru - there you can listen also to the full text in Russian):
<< Responding to a question about when the all remains (Maria's and Alexey's) of Tsar's family will be buried, the Father Tikhon urged not to hurry. He recalled that the royal family was canonized, and the Russian Orthodox Church honors them as for the way they have lived the last months of his life and did not give up their faith. It is a fact that does not require discussion.
But as to the remains found near Yekaterinburg, not so simple. Bishop Tikhon reminded that one part of the scientists (researchers, historians, anthropologists, archivists) said that the remains are true of the Tsar's family. But another part of not less than authoritative experts drew attention to the fact that there are certain doubts concerning primarily the procedural aspects of the investigation, which began in 1993.
According to Father Tikhon, there are, for example, questions to how the samples were taken for examination. After all, it is no secret that in the 90s there was a strong pressure from the authorities, who demanded complete the investigation by a certain date. There are also differences in the results of the investigation conducted by investigator Sokolov in the years 1918-1922, and the data of the new investigation, which began in 1993. So now for the Russian Orthodox Church it is very important to establish the truth and ensure that there was no error, intentional or unintentional.
- We will conduct investigations fairly and openly, without any haste, - he said. - Now there is created a new group of experts that will conduct the full comprehensive examination of the remains of the royal family.
Bishop Tikhon noted with appreciation the attitude of the Russian authorities, which do not impose any terms and not customize the completion of the investigation to any date.
- So much time will be given as necessary. Will it be 2 or 3 years, - he stressed

Earlier (in November 2015), the media reported that the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation decided to drastically raise the status of "royal issue": now it will be a large investigation team under the management of the Acting Head of the investigation of particularly important cases of the TFR Igor Krasnov. Let me remind you that since the initiation of the case №18 / 123666-93 (19 August 1993), and up to November 2015 the investigation was led under Vladimir Solovyov - senior investigator of the Main Directorate of forensic criminology TFR. Solovyov not removed from the case - he, too, joined the group.

Thus, the opponents of the former official version of the murder of the royal family have won own point of view now (V. Soloviev strongly insisted on the former official version: "All members of the royal family were killed, all the remains found and identified"), and new group will create for complete a comprehensive examination, including professional historical investigation (which still has not been carried out in full).
It is worth mentioning here that till now (late May 2016) there is not made public the results of comparative genetic examination of the remains of Nicholas II and his father Alexander III - this genetic examination was launched in November 2015 and its results had been expected in January 2016.
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From the Guardian

The DNA of the Duke of Edinburgh is being used by Russia to establish whether the remains of bodies are those of the Romanovs, executed by the Bolsheviks in 1918.

The historian Simon Sebag Montefiore revealed that the DNA of Prince Philip, a descendant of the Romanovs, was being used to solve a historical mystery that could be used to bolster the reputation of President Vladimir Putin.

Sebag Montefiore said the duke had agreed to talk to him about the Russian use of his DNA as he prepared his book on the Romanovs.

Sebag Montefiore was at the Hay festival to talk about one of the most powerful dynasties in history, which ruled Russia from the time of Ivan the Terrible until Nicholas II.
Read more:
Forensic Investigations of Romanovs Remains

"For much of the 20th century the fate of the last Imperial family of Russia, the Romanovs, was a mystery after their execution in 1918. In the mid-1970s the mass grave of the Romanov family (minus two of the children) was discovered and officially exhumed after the fall of the Soviet Union. Forensic DNA testing of the remains in the early 1990s was used to identify the family."

A pretty sinister video (7: 19 minutes) about the earthly remains of the Romanovs. A lot of bones and skulls and bullets and bulletholes to be seen.

To sum up: All, but the remains of Anastasia and Alexei were found a identified until today - So, pretty much the perspective of the Church. Plus: Anna Anderson was an imposter as proven by DNA testing from her appendix.
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