Queen Sonja's Fashion and Style Part 3: July 2021 -

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A nice recycled look for Queen Sonja at the opening of the exhibition of Italian Artist Davide Rivalta's Sculptures at Oscarshall yesterday, May 3:

** Full view ** Upper part **
The queen's red and white outfit was obviously a patriotic choice for the event.
The colour is really lovely but the gown looks a little dated!
Queen Sonja recycled a lovely summer dress at the opening of an exhibition today, May 23:

** Full view **
Queen Sonja with an eye-catching scarf on day 2 of a county visit today, May 27:

** Full view **
I really don't like this dress on her at all. The color is all wrong and the style is fussy and aging. Sonja has a lifetime of clothes experience and knows just fine what will work for her, and this is way below her usual.
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