Queen Sonja's Fashion and Style Part 1: April 2004 - March 2012

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I saw the same clip, mrswhitham - LOVE it!!! The dress was pretty in pictures, but I think it looks even better in the video because the flowing skirt looks so beautiful when she moves.
I'm not sure I'm all that crazy about the wedding outfit. The red seems out of place in the midst of all that white. And I'm not sure it was white - it looks white in the pictures, but on TV it seemed to be more of an ivory cream color, in which case the dark red sort of clashed. Oh well. I loved her look the night before.
Luv the long red dress at the pre wedding dinner. The wedding outfit was okay. She seems to like red.

Queen Sonja during the celebrations for the 10th wedding anniversary of CP Haakon and
CP Mette-Marit in Oslo, Norway, 25 August 2011.

Daytime outfit - lovely female suit:

** Full view ** Upper part **

Gala dress:

** Full view **
I thought she looked great in the first outfit but,what's with the gown?
I dislike the daytime outfit.
I like the evening gown- not the best but different, a striking, dramatic color combo, w/o being over the top loud. Elegant!
I love the color of MM's mother's evening gown. At least I think that is who that is( woman in blue, next to the King)
I also dislike the daytime outfit, but I simply LOVE her gala dress. Very beautiful IMO

Queen Sonja at the final of the Queen Sonja International Music Competition on
August 26, wearing a nice black and white combination.

** Full view ** Upper part **
Elegant outfit. Pretty collar on her white blouse.
Queen Sonya looks beautiful, while the first lady seems to be falling out.....:eek:or so!!!

Queen Sonja during day 1 of the state visit from South Africa, August 31, two daytime outfits
and a gala dress, I like them all on her:

** Daytime outfit 1 ** **
Love this look the best, love that shade of blue.
Dislike the hat though!
I did not care for the other 2 looks as much!
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I love the first outfit.I don't like the skirt on the 2nd outfit.
I only like the jacket from the second outfit.

Queen Sonja at the birthday celebrations of Princess Märtha Louise in Oslo 24 September 2011,
wearing a pink evening dress, the colour is nice on her, but in some way I don't like the upper
part of the dress.

** Full view **
Love the color of the dress, but don't like the texture/ look of the white collar and belt.
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I don't think it's flattering on her.
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