Queen Sofia's Fashion and Style Part 2: January 2011 - March 2016

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IMO Queen Sofia makes the best example of how to accesorize , particularly with jewels. She has the most, seemingly, effortless style when it come to her accessories. I don't always love her clothes but she never disappoints with shoes, bags, jewels, scarves etc.
I agree. The scarf, bag, shoes, earrings and brooch look simply gorgeous. And so does the whole ensemble.
Sofia knows how to pull off the royal look. Quality dress, decent jewellery, professional attitude towards her position, she's a natural.
Very regal look, I like this dress, color suits HM very well and the detail on the waist is very nice.
Queen Sofia looks very regal,she almost always get it right.
It's an impeccable, very chic attire - just lovely from head to toe! Purse and shoes very well matched!
Queen Sofia really looks very elegant. Every piece of outfit is beatiful.
Queen Sofia is always so elegant. A true queen !
Agree with everyone that her suit looks good.
Btw her red dress from a week ago looked amazing!
Q. Sofia almost never disappoints me. She's always well put together and classy.
Queen Sofia looked as lovely as always. I also liked that she, Letizia, Leonor and Sofia all had flowers in their outfits.
Is that a Poppy on her jacket?
Thumbs down! Too casual for church, but fine for working in the garden!
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April 25, 2011 - Queen Sofia in a lime green suit which I really like, the color is great for spring.

Full view ** Side view
I really like her Outfit! :flowers:
IMO, Sofia was the best dressed woman at the easter mass!
She does look fab. I love the exagerated flared sleeves - it looks so stylish.
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