Queen Sofia's Current Events Part 2

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Today, Queen Sofía presides over the 2024 Ibero-American Patronage Awards, organized by the Callia Foundation to recognize and promote society's commitment to art.

Queen Sofía presides over the commemorative concert of the 30th anniversary of the World Heritage Cities Group of Spain in the Cathedral of San Cristóbal de La Laguna (Tenerife).

Today, Queen Sofía visits the facilities of the “La Tahonilla” Wildlife Recovery Center in La Laguna (Tenerife).

I just saw the message below that the panda family at the Madrid Zoo returned to China but that a new panda couple is expected to arrive. Hopefully, Sofia will be able to visit again if they have cubs because those are among the best pictures of the queen emerita.

Here are a few more photos from the Wildlife Recovery Center La Tahonilla
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Queen Sofia participated in the waste collection campaign "1m2 through Rivers, Reservoirs and Swamps" in Madrid today, March 15:

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Wonderful to see Queen Sofia back so soon after her recent ill health!

A few more photos from today.
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Queen Sofia on the second day of the Alzheimer's disease conference today, April 25:

Queen Sofia visited the Food Bank of Huesca today, April 30:

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