Queen Silvia's Official Visit to Colombia: November 5-9, 2007

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Imperial Majesty
Jun 22, 2007
Colombian President Alvaro Uribe, first lady Lina Moreno de Uribe and Queen Silvia arrive for the opening ceremony of a biodiesel plant's foundation stone 05 November 2007, in the municipality of Tuta, department of Boyaca, Colombia. The Queen is in a five-day official visit to Colombia.ANP Beeldbank
Colombian President Alvaro Uribe shakes hands with Queen Silvia during the laying of the foundation stone of a biodiesel plant
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Colombian President Alvaro Uribe and Queen Silvia listen to the national anthem
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Queen Silvia and President Uribe
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Queen Silvia speaks
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Queen Silvia
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ANP Beeldbank
*Sigh* Silvia, there is a reason, why god (or whoever) gave us facial muscles. :rolleyes:

I mean...of course it´s "each to their own"...and if ppl want 1819 piercings and 100 tattoos or cup size D...it´s their decision. But truly, that such an once so beautiful woman, who seems to have a very kind heart, is getting her facial muscles partly paralysed, seems so wrong! I mean would ppl ever go and get the nerves for their vocal cords paralysed voluntarily? Facial expressions are an important part of our communication and I don´t get, why one wants to get this part "silent"
IMO this long stay in Brazil was really too much this time. Only good, that the effect of Botox is vanishing within 6 months (but I fear then she would get the next dose already :ermm:)
Thanks to all for information and links of the visit.

Beautiful, that we see new pictures of the queen since two weeks. Great work of the queen. I hope, we will see more pictures of the next four day-visit of her.
Her Face :ohmy:!

IMO Silvia is such a beautiful woman. Does she really need all this botox? It makes her face look so extremely stiff!
It is a shame indeed, these ´plastic´ cheeks, but I think that is usually the danger with these things, once you start it some just don´t know when to stop.

What is the Queen doing in Colombia btw? This was the opening of a bioplant, but what are the other things she will do?
What was the queen yesterday (7th November) in Colombia doing for Mentor-Foundation?

Do you know what the conncetion between Bio-Fabric (opening monday in Tatu) and Mentor-Foundation? Sorry, but I don't understand spanish-article about this matter.
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ANP Beeldbank
*Sigh* Silvia, there is a reason, why god (or whoever) gave us facial muscles. :rolleyes:

IMO this long stay in Brazil was really too much this time. Only good, that the effect of Botox is vanishing within 6 months (but I fear then she would get the next dose already :ermm:)

Is it only botox or already the result of too much surgery? It's a shame, Silvia is a natural beauty, used to be one of the most beautiful queens around but sadly she cannot age gracefully :ohmy: I hope the younger beautiful queens and princesses around don't take her as a role model but see these pictures and learn a lesson: you better not start because once you have started you'll find it impossible to stop.
Yesterday, 7th November was a Gala for Mentor-Foundation in Bogota!

Today was a Mentor-seminar - no press-metting?

Do you see pictures or listen information about this event?
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Does anybody know what necklace HM is wearing? I don´t think I ever saw it before. Real rubies I hope?
LadyFinn, thanks very much for posting the links to the beautifull pictures of the queen in Colombia. :flowers:

Do you know when was taken the pictures hosted by ambassador Nordström? :rolleyes:

What are the queen doing on 8./9th November in Colombia?

Queen Silvia with ambassador Lena Nordström at the gala:
At the gala:
Queen Silvia with the first lady Lina Moreno de Uribe at the reception hosted by ambassador Nordström:
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The reception hosted by ambassador Nordström was held at the 6th of November, the Mentor Foundation Gala was at the 7th.
The Queen also got the keys of the city of Bogota from mayor Garzon apparently on the 5th of November, I haven´t found any photos from that event. I also haven´t found any information or photos from 8th or 9th November, I´ll keep on searching.
Thank you!

Thank you very much, LadyFinn, for your efforts and great work of finding all those pictures and articles about Queen Silvias recent visit to Columbia. It is very much appreciated. :flowers:
Great, too, that you could find out when the reception with the ambassador took place.
Unfortunately we didn't see very much pics from these 5 days in Columbia.
LadyFinn, thanks for the information and great work from you to find the dates of the reception.

Here a link (right picture) to got the keys of Bogota (I think it). The left picture is visit Colegia Marcella.

Lucho Informa..!

It is very pitty for us to see only this few pictures of her visit in Colombia. She made a great work for children. Unfortunately the newspapers don't publish her work!
A big Thank You from me too, LadyFinn! Finally some clear pics from the gala.
In response to Marengo's question: Queen Silvia wears her modern cabochon ruby and diamond set, consisting of matching necklace, earrings, bracelet and ring. She first wore it publicly in early 2006 and quite frequently since. The set is widely believed to be a gift from the Sultan of Brunei. I don't think I have ever seen Queen Silvia wearing costume jewelry...!
Thanks for explaining Boris, it looks like a nice necklace, nicer than Camilla´s rubies for example. And the Swedish RF certainly could use some more rubies in the collection, as they only had one tiara with rubies.

And no, Silvia doesn´t seem like a custom jewelry girl luckily, as she is one of the very few royals around who actually knows how to wear the jewels. It doesn´t hurt that she has the prettiest collection around too of course.
I don't write about silvias elegance and so on because it's been already said. I just want to say how sad I am that one of my favourite queen may have been use botox! I really hope that it isn't true but watching photos I can't deny it. Bu what can she do - beeing public person is very hard. In any case she IS elegant and radiant woman :)
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