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Queen Silvia handed out the World's Children's Prize at Gripsholm Castle this afternoon.
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Drottning Silvias ”nya” frisyr_ Gardinlugg! _*Svensk Dam

At court website
The Queen presented prizes to the children's rights heroes:
Mohammed Rezwan, Bangladesh, fights for children's, especially girls', right to education. Through his unique boat schools, the school reaches the children even in the event of increased flooding as a result of climate change.
Cindy Blackstock, Canada, herself from the Gitxsan indigenous people, has pushed for changes in the law that, among other things, give indigenous children on reserves the right to equal schools and clean water.
Buddhist nun Minh Tú, Vietnam, has for 40 years fought for orphans and poor children who cannot grow up with their families. She was unable to attend, but was honored during the ceremony.
The Queen also presented a prize to the organization's newly appointed Honorary Adult Friend Grace Joan Bachoke, D.R. Congo.
Drottningen delade ut pris till barnrätts_hjältar _ Kungahuset
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Queen Silvia unveiled Swedish artist Alexander Klingspor's sculpture "New York City Legend" at Union Square in New York on Tuesday October 17.
Queen Silvia had her friend Lena Kaplan and the Mistress of the Robes Kirstine von Blixen-Finecke with her. Also Camilla Mellander, the Consul General of Sweden in New York was there.
Svensk Damtidning tells also that Carl Philip and Sofia have asked Alexander Klingspor make paintings for them.
Drottning Silvia ute med sin doldisväninna Lena_ ”En fantastisk vän” _*Svensk Dam

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Consulate of Sweden in New York at its Instagram:
Have you heard about the urban legend of alligators in the sewers of New York? Today, HM The Queen of Sweden, and Swedish artist @alexanderklingspor unveiled his new sculpture “NYC Legend”, supported by the Swedish Consulate General & Mollbrinks Konst.
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Queen Silvia delivered today at German Church in Stockholm H. M. Queen Silvia's prize for a young Alzheimer's researcher to Jacob Vogel, Assistant professor, Department of Clinical Sciences, SciLifeLab, at Lund University.
On Queen Silvia's 70th birthday, Alzheimerfonden instituted the fine prize "Queen Silvia's prize for a young Alzheimer's researcher", a prize that Alzheimerfonden has given out every year since then. On the occasion of H.M. The Queen's 80th birthday and Sweden's Royal House celebrating 500 years, the Alzheimerfonden's board decided to raise the prize amount from SEK 125,000 to SEK 500,000 this year.
​Att vinna detta pris som ung betyder mycket för motivationen och jag känner mig inspirerad Alzheimerfonden

Photos by SPA
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Queen Silvia gave yesterday an audience to Rädda Barnen's (Save the Children) new general secretary Åsa Regnér at the Royal Palace.Åsa Regnér informed, among other things, about Rädda Barnen's work in protecting children from being drawn into gang crime and serious violence.
Drottningen gav företräde för Rädda Barnens general_sekreterare _ Kungahuset


Today Queen Silvia handed over scholarships from the Frimurare Barnhuset Foundation at Bååtska Palace in Stockholm.
During the ceremony, 31 scholars in pediatric research received diplomas from the Queen.
Drottningen överlämnade stipendier till forskare _ Kungahuset
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Queen Silvia attended today the presentation of the PhARF Prize at Thermo Fisher Scientific in Uppsala.
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At court website about yesterday's event:
The EAACI PhARF Award (The European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, Phadia Allergy Research Forum) is designated by Uppsala University through a grant from Thermo Fisher Scientific, Immuno Diagnostic.
At the ceremony, the Queen presented plaques and diplomas to 2022 laureate María Escribese from Spain and 2023 laureate Milena Sokolowska from Switzerland.
​Drottningen delade ut forskningspris _ Kungahuset


Today the Queen attended a meeting of Queen Silvia's Foundation for Scientific Research and Education.
Queen Silvia attended today a meeting of Queen Silvia's Jubilee Fund for research on children and disabilities.
Queen Silvia attended today Center for Alzheimer Research's Symposium "Challenges for implementation of new Alzheimer Disease treatments" at Karolinska Institutet.
The Queen's speech (in english):
H.M. Drottningens tal vid symposiet Challenges for implementation of new Alzheimer Disease treatments _ Kungahuset

Court website
During the symposium, challenges that arise when new treatments for Alzheimer's disease are implemented were discussed.
Drottningen vid symposium om Alzheimers sjukdom _ Kungahuset

Photos of the Queen at the symposium
Drottningen höll tal vid symposium om Alzheimers sjukdom - GALA magasin
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Queen Silvia delivered yesterday King Gustav V and Queen Victoria's Freemason's Foundation's Scholarships for research for the elderly at Bååtska Palace. She is the patron of the Foundation.

Queen Silvia attended today the last board meeting in H.M. Queen Silvia's Foundation Care About the Children. The Foundation was officially ended on 31 December 2023. This meeting was a kind of farewell to the Foundation.

At a book there is summary of the Foundation's 10 year operation. This writing was compiled in the fall of 2023, and was presented to all major donors at a closing event at the Palace on November 16, 2023. Now it is for everyone else to see and have a look at the foundation’s fantastic journey.
Care about the Children
Queen Silvia attended yesterday at the Royal Palace the board meeting of Sällskapet till Arbetsflitens befrämjande (The Society for Promoting of Diligence).
Queen Silvia came to visit to cut the ribbon and inaugurate the outdoor environment at the new retirement home Tullgatan 40 in Borgholm. It was a much appreciated visit.
"So fun that the Queen is here. It's so nice to hear your voice," said Lina Wiström, who had just moved into Tullgatan 40 when the Queen came to shake everyone's hand on the way to cut the ribbon.
"It is fantastic to be here and exciting to see how you are doing," replied the Queen.
The queen cut the ribbon and also inaugurated by playing a boules match against social manager Anna Hasselbom Trofast.
"Now I'm going to do something I've never done before," said the Queen before she threw the first ball.
At the end of the Queen's visit, Mayor Ilko Corkovic, asks if we can name the park Queen Silvia's park.
"If everyone agrees to it and thinks it's a good idea here at the residence, then I want it and then I want to come here and be part of it again. This was one of the best visits I've made," said the Queen.

The Royal Court:

Queen Silvia attended "the opening of a seminar on protection and support for children exposed to sexual violence" today, May 20:

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Queen Silvia attended the inauguration of a seminar on protection and support for children exposed to sexual violence at Haymarket by Scandic Hotel in Stockholm. She was welcomed by Zandra Kanakaris, founder and general secretary of Stiftelsen 1000 Möjligheter (1000 Possibilities Foundation) and Jacob Flärdh, Chair of the Board of ChildX Foundation.

The organizations 1000 Möjligheter, ChildX, MÄN, Novahuset, Storasyster and Tjejzonen have together formed the Support cluster against sexualized violence. Today they released a comprehensive survey of the Swedish support system for children and young people, especially girls, who have been subjected to sexual abuse.
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Queen Silvia attended the festive gathering of the Friends of the Drottningholm Palace Theatre this evening. She was welcomed by Wilhelm Lüning, chairman of the Friends of the Drottningholm Palace Theatre.
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Queen Silvia presented the Stockholm Prize in Criminology in the Blue Hall of the Stockholm City Hall this evening.
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