Queen Silvia as Patron of the May Flower Association

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The Queen is really busy this fall, and has not been relaxing since she got back from the state visit in Germany. And I have to say that she looks very good in that suit, perfect for an autumn engagement.
Queen Silvia at the Diploma award ceremony for Mayflower 2017 at the Royal Palace today.

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Students from Adolf Fredrik's music classes were the honorary guests and awarded as the winner of the Majblomman fundraising competition with a record of SEK 530,760. 30 Children from Adolf Fredriks musical classes have today visited Stockholm Palace and the Mayflower diploma ceremony. The children received a fine diploma of H.M. Queen Silvia and listened to numerous researchers, business representatives and volunteers.
Rekordskola på diplomering med Drottningen - Majblommans Riksförbund

Volunteers from the Majblomman associations in Kungsbacka municipality got a diploma from the queen.
Volontärer från Kungsbacka fick diplom av Drottningen - Majblommans Riksförbund

Kappahl was awarded with the award Årets Blommande Företag.
Kappahl får Majblommans utmärkelse av Drottningen - Majblommans Riksförbund

Drottningen vid diplomceremoni för Majblomman - Sveriges Kungahus
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Queen Silvia bought the year's first Mayflower pins at the Royal Palace from Youssef and Alice from Barkarbyskolan, both nine years old.

Drottningen köpte årets första majblomma - Sveriges Kungahus

Svensk Damtidning tells, that queen Silvia bought 14 Mayflower pins.
- I need one for Estelle and one for Oscar, one for Leonore, one for Nicolas and one for little Adrienne. She is very small, but she can wear it on her hat. Then we have Alexander and little Gabriel.
- And then I take an adhesive to the king ... They are very good, you can have them at the car and on the bike.
14 Mayflower pins in all, and when the Queen had shopped, her lady-in-waiting Harriet Bredelius came to pay.
Then it was time for the queen to say hello, but before she went to her office together with her secretary Sigrun, she smiled warmly at Alice and Youssef and said:
- It's so nice that you as a child help other children. Now I think you should go around the whole Palace and sell Mayflower pins to everyone who works here!
Här storhandlar drottning Silvia Majblommor till alla 7 barnbarnen! _ Svensk Damtidning
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Queen Silvia today at the Diploma award ceremony for Mayflower 2018 at the Royal Palace.
Drottningen vid diplom ceremoni för Majblomman - Sveriges Kungahus

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For the fourth consecutive year, the schoolchildren of Adolf Fredrik's music classes had sold most of Mayflowers.
On Tuesday they received the diploma of Queen Silvia at the Palace.
A total of SEK 311 160 had school children at Adolf Fredrik gathered to other children in need. Karin Ursing Rask, teacher and responsible for selling the Mayflower at school, believes that the children are well-acquainted with the purpose of the May Flower.
- That's what makes sense, she says.
The children's meeting with Queen Silvia became very successful.
- The fun of being at the Palace is that the children really must be in focus, even though the researchers who have received money through Mayflower are also in place and tell about their research. The children are so thanked and appreciated. Of course, they are pepping to continue, says Karin Ursing Rask.
Mayflower has been around since 1907 and is Sweden's largest child care organization. The Queen is its highest patron and has a deep commitment to the questions.
- In the spring, many children and school classes are committed to collecting money for this important purpose, and in the autumn a ceremony will be held in which attention will be paid to the students who have worked intensively. It is an important work carried out by many schools and therefore important to pay attention, says Margaret Thorgren, director of the press department.
Drottning Silvia prisade eleverna – sålde flest majblommor

ROYAL: Silvia bei der Diplomzeremonie der Maiblumen 2018 in Stockholm
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Queen Silvia today at the Diploma award ceremony for May Flower 2019 at the Royal Palace.
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On Wednesday, September 25, 25 students from Adolf Fredrik's music classes came to the Royal Palace to receive a diploma from the Queen's hand. The Queen is May Flower's supreme protector.
Pupils from Adolf Fredrik's music classes grades 6–8 won the May Flower Collection competition in 2019. The music classes have won the competition many times.
At the graduation ceremony in the Bernadotte Library, other children who also worked in various ways with the cornflower sales were rewarded:
Fotbollslaget Frölunda IF, pojkar 2006
Siri och Elliot Liljeberg
Melvin Falk
Soran Faraj
Maja Ek
Dora Bahati och Sara Yildis
Kevin Cruse
Max Forsberg och Julia Zaitseva
Julia Moser
Maximilian ”Maxi” Svensson
Alice Almarales Mossberg
Drottningen vid diplom_ceremoni för Majblomman - Sveriges Kungahus

Photos at court Facebook by Mattias Hellström/SPA
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During these days the Queen would have traditionally bought the first May Flower of the year. The Queen's May Flower purchase is usually the starting shot for children's May Flower sales around Sweden.
Due to the covid-19 pandemic, this year's collection is different. For the first time since 1907, no May Flowers will be visible on streets and squares. Instead, digital fundraising is carried out in favor of May Flower's work against child poverty in Sweden. The Queen has today contributed to the collection with a money gift.
Queen Silvia today at the Diploma award ceremony for May Flower 2022 at the Royal Palace.
Photos by SPA
Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4

SPA published today a video of the queen at the Diploma award ceremony for May Flower 2022.
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Here's a video of the annual may flower pin event last week:

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