Queen Rania's visit to the US: September 2009

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Thanks a lot asturiana!

I just spotted your post now.

Thank you for the videos.

I thought the UNRWA video was particularly important, the Queen's commentary was quite hard-hitting imo but that is exactly what is needed when talking about the Mid-East conflict.
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:previous::previous:What I like in this picture is Rania's smile and freshness. That influences people whom she meets and contributes to the situation. :)
that's a very good article thanks for posting yamamah.
actually this one of the rare objective articles who talk about Rania and her works.
The article is flawed and the writers either didn't do their research properly or they purposely failed to mention key issues.

For example, they talk about the Iraqi refugee crisis. The Queen has specifically addressed this issue, as has Queen Noor and the impact it has had on Jordan. IMRIC, last year she ran an appeal in counjunction with UNICEF that dealt specifically with the issue of displaced Iraqis in Jordan.

Similarly, it was Rania in January, who launched the official appeals for Palestinians, so claiming she has ignored the issue is completely false.
Your argument against the article actually highlights what the writers are trying to say which is basically that Queen Rania is really good at being a figure head/face for these NGO agencies but she and Abdullah do not use their own constitutional powers to radically improve things throughout the kingdom (even though they could as Abdullah is an absolute monarch):whistling:.

'Launching an appeal' and attending photo ops/giving speeches is no more 'radical' and does no more good than a celebrity turning on the Christmas lights in Times Square and I don't just include Rania in this but all royals whose press offices would have us believe they all work 48 hours days, never sleep, only ever think of the poor and disadvantaged and generally live a life so busy and full of back breaking toil that they would put Siberian salt mine workers to shame :lol:;)
You are welcome Dazzling. I agree it is interesting that it is a Western newspaper that questions the value of royalty in assisting with real life problems, especially as they live in a way that is so far removed from the ordinary man. I am even more surprised it is from an American paper as generally the cult of celebrity supercedes everything in the press there.
:previous: I think you are making an assumption. We have a variety of publications: have tabloids, tabloid like media and then respectable news sources.

And not everything in the States is celebrity driven.
:previous: I think you are making an assumption. We have a variety of publications: have tabloids, tabloid like media and then respectable news sources.

And not everything in the States is celebrity driven.

I completly agree and I think that case is just not in the United Staes but world wide.
Absolutely right Zonk, celebrity is a world wide preoccupation and it is refreshing to not be reading some Hello type copy which is what usually comes served with Queen Rania. :flowers:
Furthermore, this isn't a Western newspaper per se.

The Yale Daily News is the daily newspaper for Yale University. So unless you attend Yale, did attend Yale, live in New Haven, CT or do a google search for Rania you are not likely to find this paper. For me, if I was going to look for a respectable newspaper in the Washington, DC area (where I live) I would read the Washington Post and not the Diamondback(the University of Maryland newspaper) where I went to uni.

Also, as Little_Star it does't look like they did a lot of research.

IMO it is an interesting article but you could really replace Rania's name with any monarch or public figure in a position of power and change the challenges facing Jordan with any other country it would read the same (i.e. Sarzoky in France, Obama in US, Merkel in Germany, etc.). A little naive if you ask me. Reminds me of something said by a US politican....Government cannot change or fix everything that is wrong in America.
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Well, I don't live in or attend there and it available in Google and it is a university's place to question things and to allow the next generation to question things and the sentiments (although differently expressed) are not really so very far from what many human rights organisations and in fact intelligence reports from governments around the world say about Jordan's monarchy and it's regime. (Amnesty, Human Rights Watch and those CIA reports that are freely available)

The difference with people like Sarkozy, Merkel and Obama is they are not in power for life and they are held accountable to their own people.

I also think Little Star and yourself are missing the point that it is in fact an 'opinion' piece and isn't being presented as hard journalism!
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