Queen Rania's Daytime Fashion Part 5: May 2009 - September 2009

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Ranja always looks so perfect. she has a wonderful sense of style. i loved the blouse and belt.
I really like this outfit. The shape of the blouse and the cut of the trousers are really flattering. I also like the way that she is wearing her hair in the photo. It is modern, but girly.
i like the blouse,her hair looks nice too but i don't lik the color,i have seen the shoes before.
I don't like the blouse but the skirt is nice. The sleeves of the blouse looks puffy and it doesn't look good with the skirt.
I like the material of the blouise but not its sleeves. The skirt is nice but I think it doesn't match the shoes.
the shirt is by Givenchy, it's a very nice shirt when you see it in the shop as I have but it is a flowing shirt which is a little spoilt by tucking it into a skirt. It looks nice over trousers because you can see its full effect. The actress Calista Flockhart was wearing it recently in a tv episode of the series "Brothers and Sisters" and she had it over trousers with the bow left hanging loose. Looked great
I love her style and just the way she wears her clothes! She looks like a litlle girl, so shy and lovelly, but yet, so like a strong woman!
i too love the shoes and the bag,the dress is a lovely but i also think it's a bit revealing for a queen.
I´m not very fond of her dress, but the shoes are great.
I like only the top of the dress, the bottom looks really strange especially with the folds. As for the length I think it's ok. And the best thing Rania put on today were definitely the shoes - gorgeous heels! :)
its weird from the bottom ! but too short its the 1st time I see her wearing too short :(
Sarah Brown wears her skirt at the same length if you see. I like Rania's dress, it is appropriate, simply she is very beautiful.
the weird bottom of the dress makes the length of it very attracting so you can see its too short, and Sarah is not the queen of the Muslim preservative Jordan
I dont like the dress, she is a queen not model.
I loved today's outfit, very fresh and youthful.
She's a modern queen and looks that way.
Found this outfiy quite inappropriate for the event. Isnt this one of the shortiest dresses Rania has worn? The bottom hem looks poorly stiched, looks like the designer was going for a buble hem dress but didnt work out. The colors washes Rania out. Pitty the belt, shoes nor the shoes match.
I like the colour, it looks really good & fresh on her & YES IT IS SHORT !
I don't think she never wore anything that short, I could wrong, in Jordan at least, she never has!
well, like they say modern queen with a modern dress!
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