Queen Rania's Daytime Fashion Part 3: October 2008 - February 2009

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Well to be honest I'm not sold on the bow, but I think that the belt does add something (good) to the outfit.

Another first lady who is keen on Dior. Asma al Assad is wearing the same jacket as Carla Sarkozy and Rania but in the fabric of Rania's dress, worn to welcome the Hungarians to Amman recently.
i like the style of asma al asad. is there a thread for her? she's adorable
Ah ok I'd forgotten the official & working visits. Thank you.
Oct 21, 2008 - In a brownish suit worn recently in America. Worn here with a wide dark red bow belt. I like this suit this time round, maybe because of the belt that adds alot to this look.

Pic 1 -- Pic 2
Love, love, love that belt! It's so quirky and adds a cute touch to what could be a rather staid outfit.
I like that she wore the UNICEF tee to the two UNICEF linked projects. It's a very blatant, yet clever way of reminding observers of the work this organisation does.

Another photo. That bag is too big for this kind of occasion. It isn't clear exactly what her outfit is. Can anyone else see better?
Looking at the photo again it looks like she may be wearing a black dress with a sheer navy coat over it. It looks quite pretty. If you look at the hemline you can see the difference.

I like the bag and considering that they've been travelling it seems perfectly fine to me imo.
Tough I love all her leather jackets, I dont like this one.
me too,i usually like her leather jacket but this one is just awful.

She looks great in jeans.
i always liked Rania in jeans she look like model:)
i was wondering how it's aproppriate for official activities.

blue is diffentely her colour,i like this outfit she looks elegant and very beautiful,only the bag is not fitting well with rest of the look.
http://i50.photobucket.com/albums/f334/Little_stars/Royalty 2/340x-6.jpg
The blue and navy may be slightly unusual, but I dont think its bad. I think the black is there for the same reason as the grey was the other day - to cover her up a bit more.

Queen Rania wearing a beautiful grey skirt and a white jacket

(thanks salma)

I quite like this outfit. She's wearing another belt (again) but I'll admit it does add something to the outfit even if I am sick of them.
I love how crisp the white of the top, and the top itself, is.
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thanks Mademoiselle lilo for the link. the president of Aregntina is stunning
Thanks for the info chelsea, is it from the most recent collection? I remember her wearing a short sleeved white jacket before and was wondering if ti was the same one.
It is from their pre-fall collection which has been in the shops since late summer. I have seen it in Harvey Nichols / Harrods in London.
Oh right, it's not the jacket I was thinking of then which was a few years old.
the truth is she has so many white / cream jackets and grey / jackets that look similar. Sometimes in the past I've seen photos of her wearing several different ones over a short period of time, but they all look more or less the same.
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