Queen Rania's Daytime Fashion Part 15: December 2016 - March 2019

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May 15, 2016 - Queen Rania in a lovely simple outfit. I quite liked her top and the fit. The detailing of the gatherings is interesting.

Close up ** Full view
Her top has lovely soft color and interesting design and it matches well with her black trousers. Lovely.
the blouse is not flattering at all it looks clownish
I loved her skirt from May 20, its so pretty, especially the side panel and the flare. Only change is that I would've liked to see is her hair pulled back.

A very elegant and timeless look at her brothers wedding.
The skirt is to die for i loooove it,i like the blouse too however i don't think the two pieces match well a more simple skirt would be better Imo.
what a beautiful gala dress at the Save the Children’s Every Last Child Campaign! and the dress she wore for her brother's wedding in light blue was a beauty - fab choice.
The white gown is very beautiful and regal. The Queen looks wonderful.
Stunning. I love the beautiful sleeves :flowers:

Her daughter looks wonderful too.
Very beautiful dress she great,her hair is well done too.
i think the dress is repeated?
Wow. Gorgeous.
Dress that at first look looks very simple, unravel more details when she's on the move.
Also her hairstyle was well matched.

Karma fashion beduin abaya, I read in a site
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