Queen Rania's Daytime Fashion Part 11: October 2012 - May 2014

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May 5, 2013 - Queen Rania wearing pants, long sleeved top and a poncho looking top.

A very nice look!

The look
May 7, 2013 - Rania in a lilac jacket which looks quite nice matched with a white top and grey pants.

^ A great piece, she can do a lot of things with this one! The colour is very good!
:previous: I agree! this is totally the color for her! and everything about this dress is beautiful !
Independence dat thoub was a lovely color but the fit around the bust was unflattering. Personally she should wear more string and dark colors, they really suit her.

WEF new dress isn't pretty, the beige and white mix doesn't work well and aren't placed nicely.
perhaps it's just me but the shoes are strange...
Although is too much blue I like the outfit Rania looks so fresh and nice.
It's a lot of blue, yes, but I love it! It's rare to see QR in coloured trousers/pants. The whole look is youthful and refreshing.
Reminds me of Maxima's investiture outfit...this shade of blue seems to be quite trendy this summer.
I don't like this outfit. She could repeat a lot nice dresses.
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